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Blog Homepage > 10 Great Money Saving Tips for Christmas

Christmas is a lot of people’s favourite time of year: spending time with your loved ones, swapping presents, the gorgeous decorations, the magic and nostalgia. All the ingredients are there for a wonderful time—however, Christmas can cause a serious financial headache long into the New Year if it’s not budgeted for.

Expensive presents, the decorations, and all that food quickly add up to a large price tag. If you want a happy New Year as well as a merry Christmas, it’s time to start saving money. Saving money is easier said than done so we’ve come up with ten quick money saving tips to keep your budget ticking over.


1. Start saving as early as possible

While we’re too late in the year to start saving for this Christmas, there’s no harm in planning ahead to next year and choosing your starting point for when you’re going to start saving. Depending on your level of organisation, this could mean choosing February or October. The earlier you start, the easier it is to set a routine, stick to it, and watch the pennies add up. Saving money is much easier over a long period of time.

Pick a date and stick to it.


2. Get shopping now

There are a whole host of bargains available all year. While it might seem a bit mad to start your shopping early, it’s a great way to save money. Save some Euros by stocking up on items with long expiration dates. Bargain hunting can be time-consuming but if you’ve got twenty minutes to spare, hop online, get Googling, and start saving money.

There are loads of websites and forums dedicated to thrifty spending and money saving tips exclusively.


3. Research is the key to saving money

No matter what you’re buying, whether it’s make-up or a new laptop, the prices will almost universally vary. Research everything. Search the web and physical shops too. Remember to keep your wits about you: if something seems too good to be true then it’s probably because it is. Always check reviews of any online stockists too. A quick Google will usually give you all the info you need.


4. Vouchers and reward points

Your Clubcard, reward points, and vouchers are gold dust. Large retailers are particularly good around Christmastime. If you’ve got unspent vouchers, you might as well put them towards your Christmas shopping.


5. Fill in a budget planner and stick it to your fridge

Budget planners range from the simplistic two column Word document to multi-tab Excel spreadsheets. Choose one that fits to your organisational skills. There’s no point downloading a budget planner you’ll never fill in, so make sure it’s something accessible.

Once you’ve totted up the numbers, stick the budget planner on your fridge so it serves as a reminder.


6. Going unbranded is our top money saving tip!

Your family won’t notice if the roast potatoes are unbranded. Trust us.


7. Your kids don’t have to get everything they want for Christmas

Santa can say no. Maybe Santa is on a budget or he needs his own money saving tips! Maybe the elves can only devote so much time to each kid. There are lots of kids to make presents for, after all.


8. Make a list. Check it twice. Don’t go overboard

While it’s always tempting to go overboard and shower friends and family with amazing gifts, it’s best to take a leap out of Santa’s guidebook: make a list and check it twice. Does your second cousin twice removed really need that new perfume? Be reasonable in your gifting. Splurging out is fun, but only if you won’t have to stick to a budget for months afterwards.


9. Keep an eye on shipping fees and VAT

If you are buying online, make sure all shipping fees are clearly detailed. Most websites let you calculate the shipping, but some will hide the cost. If you’re buying a particular item from an online store and the shipping is a set price, then see if anyone else would also like to buy something from that store and split the delivery cost between you. Saving money made simple!

As for VAT, some online shops will list prices Ex. VAT. Look for VAT-inclusive prices to get the real price you’ll be paying.


10. Utilise free Christmas tools

The Portable North Pole has been a mainstay in our house for years. Portable North Pole is a free tool where you enter your kid’s name, details, and a couple of fun pictures to get an entirely customised video direct from Santa himself.

With dozens of customisable options to choose from, Portable North Pole is not to be missed out on. It’s also got a hilarious ‘bold list’ function to send to the not-so-little kids in your life.

A free letter from Santa is another brilliant way to get the excitement going without having to spend a fortune. Get your little one to write to Santa at Santa Claus, North Pole, with a 68c stamp on the envelope and your address clearly marked out. The elves in An Post will make sure Santa responds in no time.


If you’d like to start saving or if you’d like a little help balancing your budget, get in touch with us! For more information on Cornmarket’s Savings Plans, click here or call us on (01) 420 0991.


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