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Blog Homepage > 5 Brilliant New Year’s Resolutions to Save Money


January is the perfect time to get your finances in order and commit to improving your spending habits. We’ve put together a list of money saving New Year’s resolutions to make sure 2015 is a good one!

1. Start chipping away at your debts

Freeing yourself from debt feels great. Of course, this resolution is relative to how much debt you’re in, the debt you owe, and your income. Regardless, setting realistic financial goals makes loads of sense.

Credit card debts should be tackled first, because of their very high interest rates. Miss a couple of payments and you suddenly owe a whole new chunk of change. If you don’t pay in plastic, consider tackling small debts or paying off contracts for phones or subscriptions. Start small and build from there! You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel after tackling a few of your smaller debts.

2. Start a rainy day fund

You’ve heard the expression ‘put it away for a rainy day’ a million times—but how many people actually have a rainy day fund? The minority, we reckon. Having money tucked away in case of an emergency is always good and makes for a great New Year’s resolution.

3. Quit any bad habits

The majority of cigarettes snuck up to €10 a pack in the recent budget, so cutting them out is a money saving New Year’s resolution worth tackling. Difficult as quitting may be, it’s a great challenge and if you pull it off, you’ll have extra cash and a healthier body to boot.

4. Make a budget and stick to it

Here are our six tips to planning a realistic budget:

  • Don’t do your budget in one go. Spread it out over a few days
  • Gather up all your income info and have a realistic idea of your incoming cash
  • This is the painful part: tot up your outgoings
  • Draw up a spreadsheet to chart your incoming and outgoing funds
  • Figure out what you can save. Fine-tune: pay off debts, increase monthly savings by €20, and downgrade your internet provider. There is a multitude of ways to save money!
  • Print out the budget and stick it somewhere you can’t ignore it.

5. Invest in your future

What this means varies from person-to-person, but one of the most important New Year’s resolutions is to consider your future. It’ll be different depending on the stage of life you’re at, but consider investing in a Savings Plan, starting a pension fund, or even just resolve to set aside money into a credit union account.


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