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Blog Homepage > 6 Health Tips for Keeping Your Skin and Hair in Top Form This Winter


While the summer may have been glorious, even making a late resurgence in September, the chill has set in, the days are shorter, and winter is very definitely here. Along with the cold, the change in season brings along a whole host of health concerns for your hair and skin.

We’ve chosen the six worst of our wintery skin and hair health concerns and given you some great health tips to combat them.

Health Tip 1: Combating dry skin

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Whether you’re using a good old reliable like E45 cream or Vaseline, going for something more high-end, or settling for a more home-based, natural cure, there’s a range of ways to fend off dry skin.

A few drops of grape seed oil in the bath or a thorough moisturising after your shower will keep your skin fresh. Adding milk to a bath may sound like an old wives’ tale, but it’s all about science: the proteins and vitamins in milk are perfect for soothing your skin. Add a layer of lotion or cream of your choice for an all-over smooth feel. On particularly cold days, don’t spend too long languishing in the chill. It’ll dry your skin out in no time and take away that healthy shine.

Health Tip 2: Reinvigorating dry skin

Even if you follow our tip in point one, dry skin is sometimes still inevitable. The skin on your face is really sensitive—especially when it’s exposed to too much heat or cold. Wind burn is just as bad as sun burn! The cold will dry out your skin even more than usual. Look out for flaking around your nose and eyebrows as they can be particular problem areas.

A gentle face mask or wash will be much kinder than a thick moisturiser—especially if the thick moisturiser is alcohol-based. For something a little different, Greek yogurt is the way to go. Lactic acid works a charm on dry skin too.

Health Tip 3: Taming dried out or static-y hair

Summer may leave you with gorgeous hair and a lighter, sun-coloured shade, but autumn and winter are tough going. The guaranteed rain and bit of a chill means you’ll be tempted to wash your hair more often. Shampooing every day is bad for your hair, drying it out and stripping moisture. Don’t skimp on conditioner either. Breakage is also common, so be gentle with the brush!

For static-y hair, look out for a conditioner with vitamin E, or buy a supplement and comb it through your mop.

Health Tip 4: Mending cracked heels

Dry and cracked heels are a problem all year round, especially if you’re used to rocking heels. A pedicure is ideal, but a good old-fashioned exfoliation will do the trick too. Pick up a pumice stone in your local health shop and use it to scrub any dead skin or calluses. If you’re feet-averse or don’t like the sound of that, settle for moisturising. We particularly recommend a cream with a lactic acid base. Moisturisers work best with wet and warm conditions, so time them with your daily shower and pop your socks on afterwards.

Health Tip 5: Dimming a red nose

Your nose goes red in the cold because of blood vessels cutting off the circulation. Sounds a bit dodgy, but once you go back inside and warm up again, the blood vessels dilate in response to the heat and emit that non-desired redness. Winter plays havoc on your nose and can cause all kinds of painful chapping. Now is not the time to skimp on tissues: spend a little extra on softer, non-scratchy tissues to keep your nose in form.

Health Tip 6: Strengthening brittle nails

This one applies to the men out there too! The cold dries your nails out and makes them brittle. If you’ve ever broken a nail, you can attest to how painful it is. It really does hurt! To keep your scrubbers safe, apply a layer of clear nail polish for added strength and make sure you’re getting plenty of Vitamin B7. Double up on fish, nuts, and carrots for an extra hit!

Our health tips should cover you for any hair and skin concerns over the coming months. A health insurance plans will keep you covered for anything more serious.


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