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Here’s how clever planning can help you build a secure financial future...

Do you ever get post-shopping guilt or that gut wrenching feeling that you spent too much after a night out? If you answered yes, you are not on your own. In a recent study, 78% of Irish Public Sector employees under age 35 said they need to organise their finances; with only 36% saying they had a long-term plan.*

Life is for living. So have fun, explore the world and enjoy the finer things. But what about your future? You can plan ahead without compromising your current lifestyle. Sounds too good to be true? All you need is a proper plan.

If you’re a student or a young Public Sector employee, chances are you’ve probably already started to think about paying off debt or saving for something - like a big trip, a new car or a house. But you only have so much disposable income and you may be wondering where to start? It’s easier than you think.

Fran has a plan

Let’s take Fran as an example. When she started working as a nurse in 2012, the first thing she did was put together a plan.

She always wanted to see the world so she worked that into her plan, setting aside €100 per month. She also allowed herself a “treat” fund of €520 per month to socialise and treat herself.

Then she looked at her pension. When she realised that she would have to rely heavily on the State Pension, which only pays €226 per week from age 68; she decided to put aside €50 per month towards a better future and the possibility of retiring at a younger age.

Here’s Fran’s Plan

Monthly disposable income  €1,933
Monthly expenses€1,930
Car costs €160
Groceries  €400
Treat fund/socialising€520
Long-term savings (Pension€50
Dream Trip Savings€100

It’s difficult to be thinking about retirement when you’re young but the sooner you start saving, the less you'll have to sacrifice in the future, and working will become an "option" rather than a “necessity”.

Our Top 3 Tips

You own your future so:

  1. Create your plan
  2. Look closer at your daily expenses 
  3. Think long-term.

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. But when time catches up with you, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep enjoying life? The sooner you create your plan, the wealthier you will be. It’s that simple.

For great advice on money management and how to plan for your financial future, avail of our complimentary expert advice today!

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*Source: Amarach Research survey conducted on 250 Public Sector employees under age 35, 13/02/16. This information is intended only as a general guide and does not constitute financial advice. Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Cornmarket is part of the Great-West Lifeco group of companies, one of the world’s leading life assurance organisations.