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Blog Homepage > Back to School on a Budget: Money Saving Ideas this September


Starting school can be stressful, and not just for your children! Many parents can become worried about being overstretched now that term time has come around again. Follow these simple budgeting tips and you can be sure of a stress-free September.

Plan ahead

As with any household expenditure, setting out a budget for school expenses will ensure you don’t overspend on a week-to-week basis. Lay out a simple budgeting plan that accounts for money spent on food, clothes, and school supplies, and you won't find yourself in a pinch a few months down the road. If you see that you are overspending on certain areas, try to cut back on something else.


Save on schoolbooks - buy online

Schoolbooks can be one of the biggest expenses for parents during term time, but there are plenty of options online for those looking to save. Schooldays.ie have a site section, where you can search for textbooks by class age and subject. While the National Book Exchange offers a service where you can exchange schoolbooks with other parents around the country. It's also a good idea to ask neighbours or friends with older children if they have any books in their house. Many people will have a box full of schoolbooks that they'll be glad to have taken off their hands.


back to school

Don’t skimp on certain items

Some school supplies reward a bit more investment than others. An item like a backpack, which your child will be using every day and which undergoes a lot of wear and tear, is something that you should aim to spend a bit more on. If you skimp on your child’s schoolbag, you’ll be dealing with broken straps and worn out lining before you get to mid-term. A higher quality one can last your child for years.


Eat healthily and save

A well planned school lunch will ensure that your child is meeting their nutritional needs each day – and will help to reduce your weekly budget. Keep sandwiches interesting by varying the menu. Try pitta bread one day, or a wholemeal roll the next. Leftover rice or pasta from last night’s dinner can make a nice addition to a salad. Make sure your child has plenty of liquid to keep them hydrated throughout the day, but avoid packing sugary fruit juices for their lunch. A reusable plastic or metal water bottle is a great investment as well. Why not involve your child in making their lunch? This is a great way to get your child interested in eating healthily and educating them about foods they may not be familiar with.


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