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With all the Christmas cheer, December is an exciting but expensive month and most people feel the effect on their wallet! Here are some top tips to help you gain a little money back and minimise the financial effects of the festive season.

Build your budget and stick to it

  • Devising a clear budget at the start of the month will ensure you keep stress and money-related anxiety at bay
  • There is a handy budget planner on the National Consumer Agency’s website, www.nca.ie, to help get you started*. You will need to record your monthly expenses including mortgage, utility bills, food, family expenses, mobile phone and energy bills, socialising and other living expenses like toiletries and clothes
  • Keep your monthly budget in a place where you can easily refer to it, like in your wallet or on your phone. This will help you stay on track.

Draw up your list and check it twice

Once you have your final list of people you need to buy gifts for, allocate a reasonable amount that you can actually afford to spend on each person! Having your list and budget to hand will ensure that you stay on track and avoid impulse purchases.

Be clever with your money 

At the beginning of each week, withdraw enough money to cover your general costs for the week. Try not to use your laser card during the week. This will reduce the risk of over-spending and minimise any bank charges to your account. Most banks charge for every use of the following services: debit card, ATM, standing order, direct debit, cheque.

Capitalise on coupons

Groupon, Pigsback and Living Social offer daily deals with up to 70% off almost everything from hotels, spa breaks, meals, dental, beauty and even jewellery. And now you can view all the deals available on the market through one website, www.mydealpage.ie. These offers are great for gift-buying or weekend breaks. They regularly run hotel deals like a 2 night stay for two people in a 4 star hotel with dinner included for €120. Terms, conditions and expiration dates apply so ensure you read them in full before purchasing. 

Save on Petrol/Diesel

  • Don’t leave heavy items like golf clubs in the boot, or a roof rack on the car – they increase the cost of your fuel
  • Be aware of how you drive – the harder you accelerate and brake, the more fuel you burn
  • Drive at a slower speed – this can dramatically cut costs. For example, cutting your speed from 110kph to around 80kph, will burn about 25% less petrol.

Be realistic with your Christmas food shopping

We’re all guilty of it. We shop with our eyes rather than our minds when it comes to the Christmas goodies. The inevitable result is that there is always a large quantity of food that’s thrown out before the New Year. Take your learnings from last year and create a list of what you actually need. If you only have 4 or 5 people for Christmas dinner, then don’t shop for 20!


Finally, don’t forget that for great advice on money management and planning for your financial future, you can avail of our complimentary expert advice today. Click here to make an appointment or call us on (01) 420 0991.


*Source: www.nca.ie. This information is intended only as a general guide and has no legal standing. Please note that Cornmarket cannot be held responsible for the content on external websites.