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With the customary household spring clean well underway, why not spring clean some of your spending habits also to see what you can save?

Almost every item of expenditure should be queried. Ask yourself - do you need it and, if so, are there better or cheaper alternatives? Here are some top tips to help you become more savvy with your spending!


1) Build your budget and stick to it

• Devise a clear budget at the start of the month

• Record your monthly expenses including mortgage, utility bills, food, family expenses, mobile phone and energy bills, socialising and other living expenses like toiletries and clothes

• Keep your monthly budget in your wallet or on your phone

Top tip – use a free online budget planner by logging on to www.consumerhelp.ie/budget-planner


2) Avail of online discount codes

Get monthly discount codes on www.moneyguideireland.com/discount-alerts for money off retailers, entertainment providers, restaurants and more.


3) Save money on DVD rentals

If you're a bit of a movie buff and looking for a fast and frugal way to source them, then look no further than Netflix. Did you know that it enables you to watch films and shows anytime, anywhere for just €7.99 per month? It's jam-packed with great films from all genres, and TV box-sets a-plenty. It will also track the items you've watched and make some handy suggestions of others that you might like.

Check out www.netflix.com for more information.


4) Online Shopping: save up to 70%

You could save money and time by buying online. www.mydealpage.ie offers up to 70% off everything from spa breaks, hotels, meals and even jewellery.


5) Hotels

Book any hotel break using ‘top secret hotels' on www.lastminute.ie and save on the cost!


6) Flights

Use the free comparison site www.skyscanner.ie to check the cheapest flights to your destination.


7) Check your bills

Over 7 in 10 Irish consumers (72%) are at risk of being overcharged on their household bills, according to research from www.uSwitch.ie. Check all of your household bills to ensure you have not been overcharged.


8) Save on mobile phone bills

• Review how much you could save based on your usage between your landline, mobile phone and broadband. Log on to www.callcosts.ie

• Be careful with contracts as some providers now tie you in for 12, 18 or even 24 months with penalties for breaking the contract!

• Get free Skype-to-Skype national and international phone and video calls anywhere in the world at any time through your laptop or mobile phone. See www.skype.ie

• Viber/Whatsapp are apps for your iPhone/smartphone that allow free calls and SMS messages to others with these apps.


9) Credit Cards

If you have a credit card balance that you are finding hard to pay off - you could transfer the balance to a credit card with a 0% interest introductory offer. For more information, go to www.moneyguideireland.com/credit-card-offers


10) Most of all... be savvy!

• Shop around and make comparisons

• Buy in bulk

• Avoid brands

• Time your purchases for special/seasonal offers

• Learn to DIY – cooking, gardening, housekeeping, building repairs etc. to save wherever you can

• Use vouchers, coupons, reward points, etc.


For great advice on money management and how to plan for your financial future, avail of our complimentary expert advice today! Click here to make an appointment or call us on (01) 420 0991.

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