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Blog Homepage > Travel Guide #1: Places You Must See Before You Turn 30


Whether you’ve just been hit by wanderlust or you’re a bit of a nomad, there’s much to see and do around the world. So much to see and do that choosing a travel destination is impossible, so we’re here to help with the first instalment of our travel guide!


Travel Destination 1: Solomon Islands

What kind of ‘travel guide’ would this be if we didn’t suggest something a little different to kick things off? The Solomon Islands is the perfect travel destination to experience something new. Forget luxury resorts and five star hotels. The Solomon Islands are for the battle-hardened. You’re far more likely to spend your time on a ten mile trek than lazing by the beach.

With a landscape that’s part volcano, rainforest, and tropical island, the Solomon Islands are perfect for adventurers and hardcore trekkers. If travelling entirely by land isn’t your cup of tea, then there’s slow-boating along the coastline or living the life aquatic: go diving or snorkelling around World War artefacts, shipwrecks, sea-life and dozens of colourful fish. Like Dory said: just keep swimming.


Travel Destination 2: Iceland

Iceland is as close to an alien landscape as we’re getting short of catching a ride with the Rover into Mars. Strange geography epitomises Iceland and few places come close to being as beautiful. The landscape is suitably dramatic: thundering geysers, lava fields, volcanoes, and waterfalls—all under a vibrant skyline that’s often set alight by the Northern Lights.

Landscape aside, Reykjavik is a social haven. The people are friendly and everything is affordable, making Iceland the perfect get-away. For Game of Thrones fans, tours of the Wall run around the clock.

Travel Destination 3: New Zealand

Spot a Hobbit in the Shire, experience the magic of the Glowworm Caves, or relax with the King in KD’s Elvis Presley Museum. (Uh-huh!) New Zealand is a travel destination for everyone, from chocolate lovers to Geography fiends, it’s the perfect locale to mix culture, secluded beaches, and national parks.

New Zealand is a country of distinct character, vivid colour, and miles and miles of golden bays. The sheer depth of New Zealand’s beauty is guaranteed to blow your mind.It’s definitely our ‘beauty’ pick in this travel guide.


Travel Destinations 4: Porto

While you might most readily relate Porto to Jose Mourinho, it’s becoming something of a tourist hub. Porto is a perfect meld of history, culture, trade, and city life. Nicknamed the Cidade Invicta—the unvanquished city—the breadth of Porto’s history is everywhere. Take a stroll alongside the Ribeira or hop on a tram out to the Foz do Douro’s beaches right alongside the Atlantic.

The people are friendly and the city is effortlessly charming. There’s also lots of pretty architecture, if you’re into that sort of thing. We recommend the Gare de Sao Bento and the Palacio da Bolsa. For any Potterheads in the audience who never got their Hogwarts acceptance letter, the Lello Bookshop is a must-see as it was the inspiration for the Great Library.


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