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With the cold weather firmly taking hold, you may be thinking about a weekend getaway or a break away to the sun. If so, remember having the right travel insurance will give you peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

How to find the policy that is right for you

There are many benefits to travel insurance and these can vary depending on the policy type and the level of cover you wish to have. Below are some key benefits you should include on your cover:

✔ Cancelling your trip

✔ Medical and other expenses outside the Republic of Ireland

✔ Hospital benefit

✔ Cutting your trip short

✔ Missed departure

✔ Missed connection

✔ Travel delay

✔ Abandoning your trip

✔ Personal belongings and baggage

✔ Delayed baggage

✔ Personal money

✔ Passport and travel documents

✔ Personal accident

✔ Legal expenses.

What happens if you cancel your trip?

Cancellation cover provides cover for your flights and accommodation in the event that you are unable to travel for specific reasons. One such reason could be ‘unforeseen emergencies’ such as illness, injury or death of a travel companion or relative.

Common misconceptions are that travel insurance provides cover if you cancel your holiday due to business obligations; deciding not to travel or if your airline goes out of business. However, the terms and conditions on travel policies are different with each provider, so make sure you are satisfied with the level of cover offered and any exclusions that apply.

What type of cover should you choose?

Another consideration when choosing the correct travel policy is to decide on the type of cover you need for the destination you are going to. Travelling to Europe is covered under most travel insurance policies. If you have decided to travel further afield, you can avail of worldwide travel insurance cover. Many people do not realise that if you take your holidays at home in Ireland, your travel insurance policy will also cover you while you are holidaying here.

So, how can you get the best price?

The level of cover, how many trips you need to take, and where you are travelling to, will determine the premium of your travel insurance policy. Single trip will always be the cheapest as it covers just the one trip. An annual multi-trip policy is ideal if you plan to be away more than once in the year. If you have health insurance with medical expenses cover abroad, you may get a discount on your travel insurance premium; make sure to check this when you are purchasing a policy.

Cornmarket Travel Insurance offers a range of options so that you can choose the right cover, at the right price for you - so you can relax on holiday without having to think about things going wrong! For more information click here.


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