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University of Galway Group Life Plan

In the event of your death, financial support may be a significant issue for your family. Mortgage payments, day-to-day living expenses, credit card bills and so on, will still have to be met by those you leave behind. This is why the benefits of the University of Galway Group Life Plan are so valuable for employees.

Key benefits of the plan

Members' Benefit

If a member of the plan dies, a lump sum of 2.5 times annual salary will be paid.

This benefit is separate to your Death in Service Cover as a member of the University of Galway Pension Scheme.

Accidental Death Benefit

If a member of the plan dies by accidental death, a lump sum of €15,000 will be paid in addition to the Members' Benefit.

Children’s Death Benefit

If a member’s child (aged 0 and 21) dies, a death benefit of €4,000 will be paid.

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How much does the plan cost?

Cornmarket and the University of Galway work together to secure the best price and benefits for members. When it comes to cost, you benefit from the group purchasing power of University of Galway.

The cost of the Plan is 0.36% of salary, and your premium is eligible for tax relief.

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The University of Galway Group Life Plan Application Form

The University of Galway Group Life Plan Summary Booklet

Please review the Plan documents above to apply for the Plan, and click here to access our Terms of Business.

Send your completed application form to:

Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd.

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Why choose Cornmarket?

Cornmarket negotiate with insurers to obtain the most competitive rates and to secure the best possible benefits for members.

Retired Members' Life Cover

People are living longer, which puts more financial pressure on their retirement. For this reason, they need a level of Life Cover to make sure their loved ones are financially secure if they die and are no longer there to take care of them. The Cornmarket Retired Members’ Life Cover Plan provides this vital peace of mind and financial security.

What's more, University of Galway Voluntary Life Assurance Plan members are automatically entered into the Plan on retirement, without the need for medical underwriting.

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The University of Galway Group Life Plan is underwritten by Irish Life Assurance plc. Irish Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.