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Salary Protection

Protecting your salary throughout an illness

Fórsa Salary Protection Schemes

Almost everything in your life depends on your income, that's why Salary Protection is so vital.

The Fórsa Salary Protection Schemes help you to protect your salary against the effect of long-term illness or disability.

Cornmarket administers two Salary Protection Schemes for Fórsa members. Please select the option that is relevant to you below:

Scheme 1:

Fórsa Salary Protection Scheme for members of the Health & Welfare, Local Government & Local Services, and Education Divisions (formerly IMPACT) - click here.

Scheme 2:

Fórsa Salary Protection Scheme for members of the Civil Service in Professional, Technical and Service Grades (formerly IMPACT) - click here.


Friends First Life Assurance Company Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

New Ireland Assurance Company plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. A member of Bank of Ireland Group.

Please note: Fórsa facilitates four Schemes through Cornmarket, namely the Fórsa Salary Protection Scheme, Fórsa related AVC Schemes, the Fórsa Car Insurance Scheme and the Fórsa Home Insurance Scheme. All advice provided by Cornmarket, whether in respect of Fórsa Schemes or otherwise, and meetings organised in the course of visiting a workplace are solely the responsibility of Cornmarket.

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