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Get 2 Months Free Home Insurance Cover* - Switch Today!

As a GRA member, you can rest assured that you are getting a great level of home insurance cover, at a very competitive price, as well as great benefits including:

  • 24-hour, 365 days-a-year, nationwide emergency HomeRescue Service
  • Cover for Personal Money and Credit Cards Stolen from the Home
  • Cover for the Theft, Loss or Escape of Oil
  • Optional Extra: Unspecified All Risks Cover insures items such as Smartphones, iPads and Tablets, if lost or stolen outside the home (with no excess)

And right now, you can also get 2 months free cover*, when you switch your home insurance to Cornmarket, and it starts between 30/12/17 and 31/03/18  - Subject to a minimum premium of €334.52.

For more information, call us on (01) 420 6710 or click here.

Allianz plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. 

*Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply. 2 months free insurance in year 1 is based on a 16.7% discount off the normal year 1 Allianz premium and is only available to new customers taking out a new home insurance policy through Cornmarket and underwritten by Allianz. Discount applies in year 1 and is inclusive of Government levy. Only one discount can be used with each eligible proposal. 

Why is this right for me?

With so many different home insurance policies in the market it can be hard to keep track of the benefits and discounts being offered when you're shopping around for your home insurance. Why not compare your current home insurance policy against the great benefits you can get from Cornmarket to see what you’re missing!



Fire Brigade Charges Cover: up to €2,000


24-hour HomeRescue Service


Unspecified All Risks Cover (for items lost or stolen outside the home)


Accidental Damage to buildings and contents


Freezer Contents cover: up to €1,000


Public Liability: up to €3,175,000


Policy Excess Options

€300 / €500 / €750**

Replacement Door Locks and Keys


Alternative Accommodation Cover


Un-occupancy period: up to 35 days


Christmas Gifts Cover: automatic increase of Contents Sum Insured by 10% in December and January


Wedding Gifts Cover: contents sum insured automatically increased by 10% one month before, and one month after a member of your household's wedding


Title Deed Replacement Cover: up to €650



For a home insurance quote call us on (01) 420 6710

The above table provides a summary of the main product benefits and features on our Allianz Home Insurance product. For full details of the terms and conditions, please consult the policy document. A copy of this is available on request by phoning us on (01) 420 6710 or alternatively by clicking on the following: Allianz Combined. We can also provide you with home insurance cover under the Aviva Home Choice policy. 

**The amount of the excess may vary depending on the excess amount you have selected, and on the section under which you are claiming. We draw your attention in particular to the excesses that apply to Freezing, Escape of Water & Subsidence claims. Please refer to your home insurance quotation / renewal pack schedule to see what excess amount is applicable.

How to make a claim

If you need to make a claim on your home insurance, you should check the details of your insurer on your insurance schedule and then notify the insurer of your policy using the relevant phone number below:


1890 779 999


1890 335 577

What do I need to know?

How do I pay my home insurance premium?

You can pay your home insurance premium by credit card, charge card, debit card, direct debit or cheque/bank draft. Please note a charge of €10 may be applied to payments by credit card, charge card or debit card, in order to cover the cost charged by the card provider. Please note, we are unable to accept cash payments.

How do I renew my home insurance policy?

Your home insurance renewal notice will be based on the most recent information you supplied to us. If there have been any changes, please contact us immediately so we can update your details and issue you with a revised home insurance renewal notice. You can renew your home insurance cover online by clicking here or by calling one of our agents on (01) 408 4020. Before renewing your home insurance policy, please be sure to consult the relevant policy document below for full terms and conditions.

Allianz Combined

Aviva Home Choice

Alternatively, if you would like to receive a copy of any of the above home insurance booklets, you can do so by phoning us on (01) 408 4020.


Where can I find details of my home insurance policy excess?

The excess applicable to your policy will be displayed on your quotation, renewal pack, or policy schedule.

What are the benefits of HomeRescue?

HomeRescue is a 24-hour, 365 days-a-year nationwide emergency service that comes as standard, with your Allianz Combined Home Insurance Policy from Cornmarket. This service offers you real peace of mind should something happen to your home that requires immediate action, to secure it against further loss or damage. HomeRescue assists you in an emergency situation as a result of:

  • Damage to plumbing          
  • Blocked drains
  • Broken glass
  • Breakage of glass to external windows or doors
  • Overflowing water tanks
  • Your home being made unsecure (locks, doors and windows)
  • Electrical failure within the home                  

Once the emergency repair has been made, the following additional benefits are also available if required:

  • Overnight accommodation if your home cannot be lived in (including transport to and from your home)
  • Furniture storage for 7 days, if your contents are at risk
  • Urgent message sent to a family member at home or abroad.

The above options are at the discretion of the assistance company.

You can reach the HomeRescue Emergency Team on 1800 992 600. Please store this number in a safe place (e.g. your phone/wallet), so you will always have the number to call if you ever need assistance.

Please note, this benefit is not included as standard on all of our policies, please ask our operator for further details. Cover provided by Mapfre Assistance. MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Agency Ireland is authorised by the Direccion General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones del Ministerio de Economia y Hacienda in Spain, and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. Reg No. 903874.

What is Accidental Damage Cover?

Cover for Accidental Damage to buildings caused by you, will protect your home against unforeseen situations around the household, such as smashing a window when playing football with your children or bursting a pipe while drilling a wall to hang some new shelves. It can happen as easy as that.

Cover for Accidental Damage to contents caused by you, covers for unforeseen incidents, such as a scratch to your dining room table, as you move furniture about the house, or knocking a glass of red wine over the couch, as you settle down for some Saturday night television. This benefit is not included as standard on all of our policies. Please ask our operator for further details.

Be careful not to over insure

You need to ensure that the level of home insurance cover you select for your buildings cover, reflects the actual cost to rebuild your property. The cost of rebuilding could be less than it was several years ago. This is something you should review, as it may be one way to reduce your premium. In a nutshell, you should insure your home for the amount it would cost to rebuild it and not the price of the estimated market value. The Society of Chartered Surveyors provides a free online rebuild cost calculator, which you can use to estimate the cost of a rebuild for your property. For more details visit www.scsi.iePlease note, Cornmarket cannot be held responsible for information held on external websites.

Home Contents Insurance

Contents are classed as household goods and personal effects which belong to you (or for which you are legally responsible). They are also classed as items belonging to members of your household (including domestic employees permanently residing with you) in the private house or domestic outbuilding. Contents are the items that you can take from the house, and that are not part of the building structure.

The best way to calculate the value of the contents you wish to insure is to move from room to room, taking note of the items contained within each, and estimate the cost of replacing these items. Don’t forget to include the items you may have stored in the garden shed, garage, or attic. It is important that you do not under insure your contents, as you could miss out, if you need to make a claim. At the same time, be careful not to over insure these items, as this will only result in you paying a premium on your home insurance above and beyond your actual requirements. Make sure you are getting all the benefits you require.

Existing customers

If you’re an existing Cornmarket Home Insurance customer, and you need to make a change to your current policy, our Customer Service Team will be on hand to ensure you have the correct level of required cover. In one short phone call, our Home Insurance experts will discuss the alterations you require. Whether you want to amend the value of your contents, or make a change to the structure of your property; we will tell you if there will be any additional charge to your home insurance premium, or any change to the terms and conditions of your policy. Please refer to your policy booklet for details of any alteration in risk, which you must inform us about.

Renewal customers please note:

Before renewing your home insurance policy, please be sure to consult the relevant policy document below for full terms and conditions:

Allianz Combined

Aviva Home Choice

Alternatively, if you would like to receive a copy of any of the above home insurance booklets you can request this by phoning our Customer Service Team.

You can reach our Customer Service Team on (01) 408 4020

Allianz plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Aviva Insurance Limited, trading as Aviva, is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority in the UK and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.