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Retirement Planning Service

For over 4 decades Cornmarket has been helping Public Sector employees plan for a more secure and comfortable retirement, through the Cornmarket Retirement Planning Service.

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The standard of living which you hope to enjoy in retirement may largely depend on the choices you make before you retire. As you are approaching retirement, there are some very important decisions that you have to make, especially in the current economic climate. Basically, making the right decisions now is the key to financial security in retirement.

Currently, this service is complimentary to retiring Public Sector employees and is designed to help you make the right decisions about your retirement.

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Why is this right for me?

It is with experience that we have identified that there are 3 stages to retirement where our customers require expert advice – before, during and after. The service draws on Cornmarket’s extensive experience of retirement planning and covers areas such as:

  • Superannuation and AVC entitlements
  • Taxes
  • Social Welfare benefits relating to your pension entitlements or other entitlements you may have from previous service abroad
  • Investment options, etc.

At each stage of your retirement you will have the opportunity to meet with your Retirement Planning Consultant (usually in your home). Your meeting will be tailored to your own personal circumstances and you will have the opportunity to get all your questions relating to your finances in retirement answered.



What do I need to know?

3 stages to a retirement free from financial worries

1.       Pre Retirement Review – to ensure you are ‘retirement ready’
(Ideally 5-6 years before retirement)

Your first face-to-face consultation with your Retirement Planning Consultant. This meeting is designed to review your plans for retirement and make sure everything is in place to allow you make them a reality.


2.       At Retirement Review – so you can make the right decisions
(Ideally 2 months before you retire).

In the months leading up to your retirement and at the point of retirement itself there are some very important decisions you must make which will be key to your financial security in retirement. This usually involves 2 to 3 consultations shortly before and then during your actual retirement. These meetings ensure that all the various formalities, financial steps, tax and other requirements necessary to secure your maximum entitlements are followed through on promptly and efficiently. We can also answer questions like what your net take home pay will be in retirement and provide information on any Social Welfare pension entitlements you may have.


3.       In Retirement Reviews – to keep your finances on track
(Various intervals throughout retirement).

Once you are retired, your Retirement Planning Consultant will meet with you periodically to carry out a Retirement Financial Health Check designed to keep your finances on track over the years ahead whatever happens.