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Foursight Savings Plans

Four savings plans to a brighter financial future

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Foursight Savings Plans

In today’s low interest rate environment, if you want to make the most of your savings you may need to consider options other than the banks and building societies. Over the long-term, the returns on deposit accounts are unlikely to match the returns you may enjoy from investing in the funds available through the Foursight range of Savings Plans.

The Foursight Savings Plans offer a simple and straightforward way for you to enjoy, through a broad range of investments, the potential for returns which may be superior to those available from banks and building society accounts. Of course, the returns you will receive from your Foursight Savings Plan depend upon the performance of the various funds in which you invest your contributions.



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Why is this right for me?

Cornmarket’s Foursight Savings Plans are four unique Savings Plans specially designed for Public Sector employees.


Foursight Educational Savings Plan
For a lot of families the cost of educating their children is now a cost second only to their mortgage. Cornmarket has developed a unique solution specifically designed to help you estimate the total cost of your children's education and what this means monthly to you right now. This tailored Savings Plan for your son/daughter will cater for their specific education needs in the future.


Foursight Retirement Savings Plan
The alternative long-term Savings Plan. Saving for your retirement is a long-term goal. Most Public Sector employees use a vehicle such as an AVC, PRSA or NSP Scheme, in conjunction with the Superannuation Scheme, to fund for their retirement but there can be times when a long-term Savings Plan is more appropriate.

The Foursight Retirement Savings Plan offers a simple and straightforward way for you to enjoy, through a broad range of investments, the potential for returns which may be superior to those available from banks and building society accounts.


Foursight Savings Plan
Have you got a long-term saving goal? If you're looking to commit your money for the longer-term to build up a nest-egg for the future, perhaps to start your own business, or build up a deposit for a house, then the Foursight Savings Plan is right for you. This Plan will make your savings work for you – growing as much as possible over the years ahead.

The Foursight Savings Plan is a unique Savings Plan designed to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you are building up a nice savings pot, that you can call on if you ever need to. And it's simple to set up.


Foursight Salary Protection Cashback Plan
If you are a member of your unions Salary Protection Scheme you know that it is all about protecting your financial security should you suffer long-term illness or disability. Your regular contributions to the Scheme are used to help ensure an income for those of your colleagues who are unfortunate enough to lose their salary through illness or injury.

Many members would like a return of their contributions when their membership of the Scheme ends (usually at age 60 depending on the Scheme's ceasing age), particularly if they have been fortunate enough never to have needed to claim from the Scheme. This is not possible under the terms of the Salary Protection Scheme.  By saving through the Foursight Salary Protection Cashback Plan, a Savings Plan separate and distinct from the Salary Protection Scheme, members can now target a lump sum which, dependent on future investment conditions, may be equivalent to a return of their Salary Protection Scheme contributions.



What do I need to know?

Cornmarket's Foursight Savings Plans include a number of additional features including:

Fair charges – so you can have more of your savings working for you Foursight Savings Plans benefit from low levels of charges compared with traditional insurance savings plans and other similar methods of savings. The charges are simple and transparent so you know exactly how much you are paying. And for a modest fee you can avail of expert advice when it comes to setting up your Foursight Savings Plan.

Personalised investment strategy – so you can make the most of your savings. If you choose the Foursight Investment Strategy, your savings will be invested in a mix of funds which match the balance of risk and reward you are most comfortable with. Equally important, the risk profile of the funds your savings are invested in changes as you get closer to the date you intend to draw down your money. This aims to maximise the returns on your savings in the early years and helps secure the value of your savings as you get closer to your target date – giving you the potential for better returns on your savings and a greater degree of security.

Unique ‘salary linking’ concept – so you can preserve the real value of your savings and make saving easy with a Foursight Savings Plan you save a percentage of your salary or a fixed amount of money which is periodically increased – so as your salary increases over the years, so too does the amount you’re saving.

Reviews – so you can keep your savings on track, you can periodically review your Foursight Savings Plan. This will help ensure that it continues to meet the target you’ve set. During a review, Cornmarket will confirm how the returns actually achieved on your savings, and how the salary rises you’ve enjoyed have affected your Savings Plan to date. We will take into account factors such as any changes you may make to your savings goals. This allows for your contributions to be adjusted, ensuring you’re still on track to meet your savings target.


Warning: This product may be affected by changes in currency exchange rate.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money your invest.
Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.


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