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Stephen Sullivan

Mobile number: 0870935653        

Email: Stephen.sullivan@cornmarket.ie

About Me

Hello my name is Stephen Sullivan and I am a Financial Consultant within the medical market in the Dublin area. I enjoy my role as a Financial Consultant with Cornmarket and take pride in giving quality, impartial advice to Public Sector workers. I always make sure I can help any client I deal with in person or over the phone to the utmost of my ability. At Cornmarket there is a fantastic support network in place, which basically means we do constant training to make sure our information is always correct. My colleagues and I are bound by law to offer full impartial advice and full list of recommendations of everything that should be done in an ideal world.

I’m a born & bread Dub but really enjoy traveling as often as I can, having caught the travel bug following my gap year back packing in Australia. My dream is to see as many corners of the world as possible, and tend not to visit the same place more than once! I also enjoy fishing, hiking & spending time with friends & family