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Summer is here and you may be planning a getaway to the sun, a short weekend city break or even travelling for the entire summer! Whatever you decide it’s important to remember that at the top of your holiday checklist should be your travel insurance. Here are some top tips on what to look out for and the different options available.

Why purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind that you’re protected in the event of something going wrong. It’s designed to cover your emergency medical expenses abroad, protect your personal belongings in the case of theft, loss or damage and cover the cost of your trip if cancelled due to unexpected ill health, an accident or bereavement.

Check to see what your policy covers:

Emergency medical expenses cover

This is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing travel insurance. If you become ill or you are involved in an accident abroad, costs can rapidly begin to build up. Ambulance costs, hospital treatment and the expense of returning home, if medically necessary, are just some of the benefits of having emergency medical expenses cover in place.

Your travel insurance provider will supply you with contact details for their medical emergency assistance service at the time of purchase. They will also request that you contact this service as soon as possible, should you require medical emergency assistance, so that they can liaise with your hospital or assist with organising repatriation to Ireland, if necessary.

Cancellation cover

Cancellation cover provides cover for your flights and accommodation in the event that you are unable to travel for specific ‘insured’ reasons. One such reason could be ‘unforeseen emergencies’ such as illness, injury or death of a travel companion or relative.

Common misconceptions are that travel insurance provides cover if you cancel your holiday due to business obligations, deciding not to travel or if your airline goes out of business. Unfortunately, you may not be covered by your travel insurance for these reasons.

Personal effects and baggage cover

Another important consideration when travelling abroad is your baggage. Insurers provide cover for loss, damage and theft of your baggage and personal effects. In the event of a claim for theft or loss of your baggage or personal effects while abroad, you will be required to report this to the police in that country and produce a police report to your insurer upon your return.

What are my travel insurance options?

The travel insurance marketplace is very competitive and there are many different providers to choose from. When you come to purchase travel insurance you will typically be offered either a single trip, annual multi-trip policy or extended stay cover.

How can I purchase travel insurance?

The majority of policies can be purchased online in a matter of minutes. You decide on the level of cover you require, depending on the type of trip you are taking and the length of your stay. Be sure to weigh up all your options, before deciding on the best level of cover for you.

Top Tips:

  • Check the small print, it’s a tedious job but it’s very important that you read the small print on your travel insurance, so you’re aware of what is and isn’t covered
  • If you’re planning activities such as bungee jumping, white-water rafting, parasailing, mountain trekking, bicycle touring etc. then check that these activities aren’t excluded in your travel insurance policy. Certain activities can be added to your policy at an extra cost
  • It’s important to take note of any excesses on your policy which you may be required to pay. You must declare any information that could lead to a claim, especially any pre-existing medical conditions.

Cornmarket Travel Insurance offers a range of options so that you can choose the right cover, at the right price for you - so you can relax on holiday without having to think about things going wrong! For more information click here.


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