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Mortgage Protection

With Cornmarket’s Free Comparison Service, get the cheapest Mortgage Protection on the market PLUS a 5% discount!*


Do you own your own home?

Mortgage Protection is essential from the moment you purchase your home. It will pay off your mortgage should you die during the term of your mortgage repayment. Whether you have a mortgage already or you’re buying a new home, it’s vital that you have the best value cover for your needs.

Why pay more than you need to?

If you have an existing policy and you haven’t reviewed it for some time, you may well be paying more than you need to.  When it comes to mortgage protection, most banks and brokers only deal with one insurance company which offers neither the best rates, nor the best terms.

*How does Cornmarket get you the best price?

Our free service compares 6 insurers in one place to bring you the best value cover available, thanks to:
• Our unique Pricematch Guarantee – this ensures that you enjoy the lowest possible price on the policies that we quote. The lowest Pricematch we offer is €13.13 for Mortgage Protection Plans and €15.15 on Term Level Plans, per month.

• PLUS an additional 5% discount! – this is offered in most cases. The 5% discount on the lowest price quoted is subject to a minimum premium of €20 per month.

And there’s more!

✓ Signature-free set-up – it’s all done over the phone!

✓ Immediate Cover

✓ Expert, tailored advice

For more information on this service, click here.

Whether it’s a review or a new policy that you need, we’re here to help you. So why wait? See what you could save!

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