Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection – at €3,50 a week!* Subject to a minimum premium of €15.15 per month

Keep your home safe as houses at a great cost!

What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage Protection safeguards your home. It pays off your mortgage if you die, so your loved ones are secure (subject to the underwriter’s terms and conditions). It’s vital cover, from the day you buy your home until your mortgage is paid. Here's what we do for you...

  • Review your cover

    By telephone or video call from the comfort of your home, which could save you time and money

  • Low cost

    Protect your mortgage for as little as €3,50 per week!* Subject to a minimum premium of €15.15 per month

  • Access to a range of other benefits

    Like Nurse on Call, International Second Opinion, Message a Doctor, Online Prescriptions, Women's Health Advice and more!†

Things to think about

Why review my cover?

As you pay off your mortgage, the level of cover you need changes. A Mortgage Protection review will guarantee you're covered for your current needs.

With a review, you may find you’re over or under-insured, or that you can make savings. Make sure you’ve got the right Mortgage Protection to fit your life.

More than one mortgage?

It's important to check that your Mortgage Protection is appropriate for the value of the property and term of the mortgage. You also need to make sure that your Mortgage Protection covers both you and your partner.

If you have more than one mortgage, then you may also have more than one Mortgage Protection policy (one for each property).

Remember, only your principle residence requires Mortgage Protection but to make sure you are protected in the event of death, you should cover both properties.

Different cover, new benefits

Not all Mortgage Protection policies are the the same. Providers are always updating and improving their cover, and releasing new products. So it makes sense to review and shop around. 

Don't let your cover fall short

Keep in mind that what you need to be insured for compared to what you're actually insured for... may differ! A protection shortfall is where you’re not covered for what you need to protect. This could be you if you need extra cover but haven’t reviewed your policy to include this. An example would be getting married or if your mortgage value has changed.

Remember when re-mortgaging…

It’s vital to ensure your cover is right for your new mortgage and any life changes.

Since you bought your first house, your protection needs may have changed. Children, financial status and lifestyle changes can all be factors.

If you remortgage your house, make sure your Mortgage Protection value matches your new mortgage. Without a review of your protection, you could be left with a protection shortfall.

First rate advice for first time buyers

Buying your first house can be daunting – so here’s some useful advice.

  • You need Mortgage Protection or Life Cover to draw down your mortgage – and your protection must match or exceed the debt and the term. Your bank will suggest a policy for you, but this may not be the best fit for your needs.
  • It's important to review your Mortgage Protection throughout the lifetime of your mortgage. This will ensure you’re enjoying the best value and have the right cover for what matters most.
  • You can use a Life Cover policy to draw down your mortgage, so it’s vital to review your cover to ensure your mortgage is safe and the people you care about are protected.
  • Reasons to review your protection might include a new child, quitting smoking and many other factors that can impact on the level of cover you need and the cost of your cover. A review could also save you money.    
  • You can add Specified Illness Cover to your life protection. This means if you get sick and are diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses covered, the policy pays a lump sum to help cover some of your costs – which can include mortgage repayments.

Get a review today

Why choose us?

Your home keeps you safe – so protecting it is vital. Whether you need a new policy, or want to review an existing one, we’ll use our expertise to find the best cover for you at the best price. It's all done in one quick call - because protecting where you live shouldn’t take up your whole life!

Life Insurance

A Life Insurance policy protects your loved ones – and gives you peace of mind. It pays a lump sum to your estate when you die (subject to the underwriter’s terms and conditions). It means whatever happens, the people that matter to you most are secure and provided for. 

Make use of our Price Match Comparison service for your Life Insurance and get our best offer on your cover!*

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Security if you're sick

Specified Illness Cover is financial protection if you get sick. It gives you a lump sum to help with the additional costs that can come with dealing with an illness (subject to the underwriter’s terms and conditions). With this cover in place, you can just focus on getting better. We can ensure you stay protected with our Price Match Comparison service.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

*Offer subject to a min premium of €15.15 per month. Available to new Irish Life Assurance plc, Mortgage Protection customers only. Maximum sum assured €1.5 million (inclusive of government levy). We compare 5 insurance providers to get you a great price, from the insurers we quote.

†Depending on the policy you take out, additional benefits may include Nurse on Call, International Second Opinion, Message a Doctor, Claims Care, Women’s Health Advice and Online Prescriptions. This will be confirmed by your Cornmarket consultant. These are not regulated financial products.

Irish Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.