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Car insurance for young drivers

Car insurance can be a headache for young drivers. So for 30 years we’ve worked on building tailored benefits into our motor insurance for young teachers, nurses and Public Sector employees. We offer a great value quote for excellent cover. You’ll enjoy cover for vehicle use in relation to work, strong protection on your no claims bonus, and breakdown cover that’s always there when you need it. You can ease money worries by paying over 10 months. Plus we’ll help you choose between our different levels of cover, so you find the best plan to get you moving.


Join the 31,000* teachers & their partners who have chosen our car insurance. *Source: Cornmarket, July 2018.

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As a Nurse or a Midwife you & your partner can drive a better deal on your car insurance with us.

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Working in the Public Sector

Our Car Insurance Scheme is tailored to meet the specific needs of Public Sector employees & their partners.

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Fórsa members

As a Fórsa member you and your partner can drive a better deal on your car insurance.

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Hitting the road?

Backpacking in Oz this summer? Or exploring Budapest on a city break? With our Travel Insurance, you're covered wherever you are.

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Kickstart your savings

Starting your career? Why not start saving for your future too?

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Protect your pay cheque

Our Income Protection schemes protect your salary and livelihood in the event of illness or injury. 

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Put your health in safe hands

You’re never too young for health insurance. But searching the hundreds of plans available can be confusing and time-consuming. That’s why Cornmarket can find the best plan for the best price, in one phone call.

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Why choose us?

In the early stages of your career, it can be hard to get your finances in order. Whether it’s saving on your insurance quote, protecting your salary or achieving a financial goal like buying a home or getting married, Cornmarket can help get you set up and on the right track. We’re your financial advisors for life, not just for today.

Cornmarket & the community

We insure public sector employees – and also try to ensure a better future for the wider community by supporting worthy causes in Ireland. Our employees actively fundraise and volunteer, because protecting and safeguarding is at the core of what we do.

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