Inheritance Planning Service

Leave behind more for those you love 

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Inheritance Planning Service

We'll help you to maximise the wealth you pass on, by reducing the tax bill on the money you leave behind.

Inheritance Planning is complex

Your situation is unique. Let our experts find the right inheritance plan for you.

Less tax, more benefits

We'll explore exemptions to reduce your tax liability. 

Our experts will assess your situation

We build a clear picture of your inheritance situation 

Create your will online

If you are a member of our Tax Return Service, you have access to our Online Will Service, which allows you to create your Will online quickly and easily.

Cornmarket's Tax Return Service is not a regulated financial product and is provided by Cornmarket Retail Trading Ltd. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd.

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Plan now to help your loved ones

Our Inheritance Planning Service is designed to help you put everything in place now, so your gift to your loved ones has the greatest value. Not planning now can affect those you leave behind, as they may lose part of their inheritance to Revenue. The tax your beneficiaries will owe depends mainly on these factors:

The relationship between you and your beneficiary

Tax thresholds for inheritance differ based on relationships to the deceased – for example your child, spouse or sibling

The taxable value of the inheritance

The inheritance value determines the amount of tax owed. We can help you reduce this bill. 

Any previous gifts or inheritance received

Previous gifts or inheritances received can reduce the amount remaining under the threshold for the recipient.

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Some of our Inheritance Planning FAQs

If you have a question you might find it in our FAQs. If not, please get in touch.

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