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What is life insurance?

A life insurance policy protects your loved ones and gives you peace of mind. It pays a lump sum when you die and means that, whatever happens, those you love most are taken care of financially. We make life insurance easy by providing low-cost life insurance and saving your time.

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Don’t put off reviewing your life cover

Request a call back before 30th June 2024 and you could win a €1,500 Center Parcs voucher*

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Here's what we do for you

Review your cover

By telephone or video call from the comfort of your home, which could save you time and money

Get your level of cover right

By reviewing your and your partner’s life cover needs (if applicable). An imbalance of cover is really common in Public Sector & Private Sector households…we can help!

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Things to think about

Why review my cover?

A life insurance review ensures your cover is the right fit for your life right now. It could also save you money.

Changing times, changing cover

Just think of all the big milestones in life: marriage, children, buying a home, school and university, new jobs, reductions in mortgage over the years and beyond. The reality is that life changes, so your cover should too.

New & improved policies

Not all life insurance policies are the same. There are always new and improved policies on the market, at better prices. So it makes sense to review and shop around.

Don't let your cover fall short

Keep in mind that what you need to be insured for and what you are actually insured for may differ! You could have a protection shortfall if haven’t reviewed your policy for some time.

Lifelong protection

You may feel like life insurance isn't for you yet. Or that you don't need to review the cover you already have. But life stages come and go, bringing changes in your circumstances that impact the type of life cover you need. A review of your cover will make sure that it's updated to fit your ever-changing needs. It might even save you some money! Here are the main reasons why it’s important to take out or review your life insurance at different stages in your life:

In your 20s & 30s

  • Married with children? You’re young, but you may have a partner or children. If you have people who are financially dependent on you, then they should be included in your cover. Young children often increase your life cover need, so it's vital that your policy is the right fit.
  • New home, new cover? When you buy a house, it’s common to take out the mortgage protection offered by your mortgage provider. But remember this might not be the best rate or term for your needs. So it's really important to shop around for better cover at a better price.

In your 40s

  • Changes in mortgage: As you pay off your mortgage, the level of cover you need decreases over time. Or if you’ve taken on a new mortgage for a new home or house renovation, you’ll need to review your cover accordingly.
  • Changes in your health: If you’ve quit smoking, become more active and lost weight, or improved your diet and reduced your blood pressure, this can change the cost of your life cover; so find out if you can cut costs!
  • Family changes: As your family grows, more people depend on you financially so they should be included in your cover. You might also consider financial protection for your parents, in case they became ill or needed nursing home care in the future.
  • Other policies: You may have other policies that include an element of life cover, so check your policies as a whole to make sure you’re not over-insured, and that you have the right cover in place.

In your 50s & 60s

  • Financial status: Your financial status may change as you move through life due to changes in income, loans or mortgages, or children no longer financially depending on you. All of this can affect the cover you need.
  • Providing for your children: Your children may add financial demands to your cover through third level education fees, wedding costs or even house deposits.
  • Inheritance tax: Your children may require extra financial protection for any inheritance tax bills which can be included in your life cover.
  • Future needs: The future needs of your spouse or partner can be added to your life insurance – for example cover for home care or nursing in later years.

Get your FREE Life Insurance Review today!

Why choose us?

In one quick phone call, our friendly experts find the right cover for your needs and get you the lowest price on the policies that we quote. Because finding the right life insurance shouldn’t get in the way of living life!

Security if you're sick

Specified illness cover is financial protection if you get sick. It gives you a lump sum to help with the additional costs that can come with dealing with an illness. With this cover in place, you can just focus on getting better.

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Mortgage protection

Your home protects you – and mortgage protection safeguards your home. It pays off your mortgage if you die, so the people left behind are secure. It’s vital cover, from the day you buy your home until your mortgage is paid.

Your bank will suggest a policy for you, but it might not be the best fit for your needs. Insurers are always offering new policies, at better prices, so when it's time to renew... make sure you review!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your FREE Life Insurance Review today!

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†Depending on the policy you take out, additional benefits may include: MyDoc, among others. This will be confirmed by your Cornmarket consultant.

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