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Get 2 months free* when you switch your home insurance to Cornmarket.

Your benefits

Your home is your most valuable asset. You need to know it’s in safe hands. We'll find the best cover for your needs at the best price for you. You'll also enjoy these great benefits:

If you claim, we have protection for your no claims bonus

With Aviva's No Claims Bonus Protection you're free to make one claim up to €3,000 – with no effect on your no claims bonus.

A healthy level of cover – for free!

Aviva's Best Doctors means you enjoy free access to expert medical specialists who'll advise on health issues affecting you or your loved ones.

Cover inside and out (optional)

You can enjoy cover for Accidental Damage to buildings caused by you, and accidents around the house, like kids kicking a ball through a window, or you bursting a pipe doing DIY. Cover for Accidental Damage to contents means you can be covered for accidents like scratching your dining-room table or spilling wine on the sofa.

Look after your cash, cards and cheques.

You’re covered for up to €1,300 in any claims resulting from the loss of credit/debit/charge cards & cheques for you or your spouse with our Aviva policy, with Zero Excess.

Cover for what you have on you.

With the benefit of unspecifed all risks you can have cover for items when you are out and about. These items like smartphones, cameras, & personal effects don’t even need to be named on your policy. They are covered up to the value of €2,000 for one item, with no excess.

We've highlighted the main benefits you'll enjoy with Allianz Home Insurance and Aviva Home Insurance products. For full details of the terms and conditions, please read the policy document relevant to your policy below. You'll find our terms of business here.


Feel safe, day and night, with HomeRescue. It’s a 24-hour, 365 days-a-year nationwide home emergency service. It can work in combination with your home insurance policy – giving you double protection. HomeRescue will provide emergency repairs to secure your home, and prevent further loss or damage, in the event of the following:

Piping and leaks

Breakdown or damage to piping, leaks from sanitary fixtures and fittings, and damage to internal electrical installations.

Electiric Supply

Failure of your home electrical supply as a result of a fault or damage to internal electrical installations.

Secure your home

Your home being made insecure, or entry is impeded due to loss or theft of keys or damage to locks (for instance a child may have locked themselves in a room).

Storm Damage

Storm damage or any other accidental damage to the roof, which makes your home insecure.

Glazing and Windows

Broken glazing of external windows or doors, making your home insecure.

MAPFRE ASSISTANCE cover the cost of the callout, labour and materials which are necessary for the emergency repair – up to €127 for each incident (€254 in the case of 5 above). If the repairs exceed these maximums you will need to pay the difference.

Your HomeRescue provider is MAPRE ASSISTANCE

Call 1800 992 600

Buildings and contents

To help you make sure you get the right cover have a look at what some of the key terms actually mean.

Insuring your buildings

It is not the market value of your home you should insure, it is the estimated cost to rebuild and replace the entire home. It’s important to know your “home” is much bigger than the four walls around you. The word “home” generally refers to: The Home and its domestic outbuildings, garages, greenhouses, sanitary fixtures, swimming pools, tennis courts, patios, terraces, drives, footpaths, walls, gates, hedges, fences, aerials, satellite aerials and their fittings and masts, including landlord’s fixtures and fittings, all on the same site.

Calculate the cover you need

This may seem complicated but really, you need to keep in mind; you are insuring your house and the area around it for which you, the homeowner, are responsible. If you are in doubt, the Chartered Surveyors of Ireland website has an easy to use calculator to guide you, but please remember Cornmarket cannot be held responsible for information held on external websites.

Don't over insure

Take the time to consider the amount you are covering your buildings for. Having your buildings figure stated too high can mean you are paying a premium that you will get no value for. Having your buildings figure stated too low could mean you don’t have the cover you thought you had.

Insure your contents

As with your home, you should insure your contents for what it would cost to replace them. When it comes to assets within your home, contents are defined as: All property including business equipment, valuables, clothing, personal effects and money in your home or in its domestic outbuildings, garages or greenhouses owned by any member of your household or for which they are responsible. (An easy way to look at it; all items that would fall out if you turned the house upside down!) Remember tools and equipment kept in outbuildings or garages need to be taken into account when deciding on the amount of cover you require. For particularly valuable items, you should consider separate specific all-risks cover.

Home Insurance products to choose from:

Home Insurance

Homeowner Cover

This gives you vital protection for your main residence. You are covered for damage to the building, loss or damage to contents and may also cover costs if you accidentally damage another person's property or if a visitor is injured at your home.

  • Home Emergency response / 24-hour, 365 days-a-year, nationwide emergency HomeRescue Service
  • Increased limits for food loss (€1,000)
  • Cover for Personal Money and Credit Cards Stolen from the Home
  • Accidental Damage Cover for buildings and contents (optional extra)
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Home Insurance

Landlord Cover

If you’re a landlord, we’ll make sure you’ve got the best cover for you and your tenants. Our great benefits:

  • Public & Personal Liability cover
  • Fire Brigade charges
  • Lock Replacement
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Home Insurance

Holiday Home Cover

Protect your holiday home with benefits:

  • Public & Personal Liability cover
  • Frozen Food Loss
  • Optional caravan cover
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Home Insurance Key Documents

Allianz Home Insurance

Features & Benefits Booklet (valid from 01/01/2018) For policies starting in "AL"

View Document

Insurer Policy Booklet Allianz Home Insurance

Valid from 01/01/2018 For policies starting in "AL"

View Document

Aviva Home Insurance - Feature & Benefits Booklet

Valid from 01/01/2018 For policies starting in "HY" or "HYHC"

View Document

Insurer Policy Booklet - Aviva Home Insurance

Valid from 01/01/2018 For policies starting in "HY" or "HYHC"

View Document

Home Rescue Membership Certificate

Valid from 01/01/2018 Please check your policy documentation as the above cover is not automatically included in all home insurance products

View Document

Need to claim?

We hope it never happens, but if you have an accident, immediately contact the Gardaí. Check the details of your insurer on your home insurance certificate. Then select your insurer from the dropdown opposite and call your home insurer on the appropriate number. We'll be there to help too.

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