Specified Illness Cover – at €3,50 a week!* Subject to a minimum premium of €15.15 per month

Security when you’re sick at a great cost!

What is Specified Illness Cover?

Specified Illness Cover is a safeguard if you are sick. It pays a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with an illness specified on the policy (subject to the underwriter’s terms and conditions). Here's what we do for you:

  • Review your cover

    by telephone or video call from the comfort of your home, which could save you time and money

  • Low cost

    Get Specified Illness Cover for as little as €3,50 per week!* Subject to a minimum premium of €15.15 per month

  • Access to a range of other benefits

    Like Nurse on Call, International Second Opinion, Message a Doctor, Online Prescriptions, Women's Health Advice and more!†

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Things to think about

How does it work?

Specified Illness Cover pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with an illness covered in the policy. This means that you and your loved ones are protected financially. A specified illness policy differs from life cover or mortgage protection, which provide financial benefits in the event of your death. Instead it provides essential financial support for medical bills, hospital travel, childcare costs and more. It means you can concentrate on getting better.

The specified illnesses covered depends on the policy which you take out. These can include illnesses such as heart attack, cancer or stroke. For the full list of illnesses covered, please contact us on (01) 408 6288.

Reviewing cover has healthy benefits

Life stages come and go, bringing changes in your circumstances which will impact on the type of cover you need. A review will make sure you change your cover to fit your needs.

There are hundreds of specified illness policies on the Irish market – with new types of cover, at better prices, becoming available monthly. So shop around and review.

You may find you’re over or under-insured, or that you can make great savings.

Types of Specified Illness Cover

Standalone Specified Illness

  • This pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses listed on the policy
  • The premium and benefits are fixed

Accelerated Specified Illness

  • The premium and benefits are fixed
  • It is often taken out in addition to Life Cover or Mortgage Protection
  • A claim for a Specified Illness reduces the amount of Life Cover that you have remaining

Life Insurance

A Life Insurance policy protects your loved ones – and gives you peace of mind. It pays a lump sum to your estate when you die (subject to the underwriter’s terms and conditions). It means whatever happens, the people that matter to you most are secure and provided for. 

Make use of our Price Match Comparison service for your Life Insurance and get our best offer on your cover!*

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Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection safeguards your home. It pays off your mortgage if you die (subject to the underwriter’s terms and conditions), so the people left behind are secure. It’s vital cover, from the day you buy your home until your mortgage is paid.

Your bank will suggest a policy for you, but it might not be the best fit for your needs.  We can ensure your mortgage  is protected at a competitive price with our Price Match Comparison!*

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Frequently Asked Questions

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*Offer subject to a min premium of €15.15 per month. Available to new Irish Life Assurance plc, Specified Illness Cover customers only. Maximum sum assured €1.5 million (inclusive of government levy). We compare 5 insurance providers to get you a great price, from the insurers we quote.

†Depending on the policy you take out, additional benefits may include Nurse on Call, International Second Opinion, Message a Doctor, Claims Care, Women’s Health Advice and Online Prescriptions. This will be confirmed by your Cornmarket consultant. These are not regulated financial products.