Buying your first house can be daunting – so here’s some useful advice.

You need mortgage protection or life cover to draw down your mortgage – and your protection must match or exceed the debt and the term. Your bank will suggest a policy for you, but this may not be the best fit for your needs.

It's important to review your mortgage protection throughout the lifetime of your mortgage. This will ensure you’re enjoying the best value – and have the right cover for what matters most.

You can also use a life cover policy to draw down your mortgage. So it’s vital to review your cover to ensure your mortgage is safe – and people you care about are protected. Reasons to review your protection might include a new child, quitting smoking and many other factors that can impact on the level of cover you need and the cost of your cover. A review could also save you money.    

You can also add Serious Specified Illness cover to your life protection. This means if you get sick are diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses covered, the policy pays a lump sum to help cover some of your costs – which include mortgage repayments.