Financial planning in your 40s

We know daily life can be hectic. So we take the hassle and time out of financial planning by assessing key areas for you. We can help you secure your future, leaving you free to enjoy the present.

Our friendly experts will guide you through a full financial review, helping you prioritise areas needing attention, suggest smarter ways to spend and build a plan for the future. All free of charge.

In 2017, over 10,876 Public Sector employees benefited from our Financial Planning Service. And 94.62% of them said the excellent or very good*.

The service plans for your future, based around your needs and situation. And identifies savings you can make right now! Financial planning in your 40s is vital to provide for: • Young children and family • Marriages, divorces and changing circumstances • Changes in tax status • Paying tuition fees • Health expenses or nursing home fees for parents • Mortgages, remortgaging, purchasing multiple properties • Receiving an inheritance from deceased parents • Funding and understanding your pension To book a consultation with a Financial Planning Consultant, call (01) 420 0978.

* Source: Cornmarket, March 2018 (2,343 out of 2,476 questionnaires completed).