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We Compare, You Save

Cornmarket's simple Health Insurance Comparison Service takes the pain out of finding the right health cover. Our team of experts offer impartial advice across hundreds of health insurance plans, from all three insurers – Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare and VHI Healthcare.

How does the comparison service work?

There are hundreds of health plans on the market, and new ones are launched each month. Searching for the right plan to keep you and your family healthy can cause its own headache! That’s why Cornmarket will find you the best cover at the best price.

Our team of health experts will…

  1. Complete a quick analysis to understand exactly what you and your family need.
  2. Based on this, we will compare all plans, across all health insurers on the market – Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare and VHI Healthcare.
  3. Explain the difference between the various options – and how alternative plans compare to your current plan (if applicable).
  4. Give expert advice and guidance on the best plan for you –including a full breakdown of all providers' product offerings that match your needs.
  5. Suggest the best plan available at the best possible price. We can then set up your policy in minutes, sending confirmation via email or post. We’re totally impartial. You’re under no obligation to accept our recommendation. The best result for us is always the best result for you.

On average customers who’ve used our Health Insurance Comparison Service have saved €427*. And those who hadn’t reviewed their cover in over two years have saved a lot more!

*Average saving based on 2,049 customers who reviewed their cover between 1st January and 31st December 2019. Source, Cornmarket February 2020.

Get a healthy review of your cover

Simply give us your contact details, and one of our friendly health insurance experts will call you back within 48 hours. Whether you’re currently with us or not, they’ll discuss a health insurance plan that that meets your and your family’s needs and possible savings. If your existing plan is best, then no change will be recommended!

Often we’ll be able to recommend better health cover for you, from your existing provider. But if a change of provider is best for you, we’ll talk you through how to switch. Then set up your plan in minutes. It’s simple – you will continue to pay your premium directly to the health insurance company as normal.

Or you’re free to use the information provided to make your own arrangements (we’ll give you full documentation detailing our recommendations).

Our Health Insurance comparison service

Watch our short video to learn more

Switch your plan or health insurance provider easily

Is switching cover difficult?

Switching cover is painless – if you want to change we can do it in minutes. Our health insurance experts carefully guide you through the benefits available on the plan you’re considering and any other options available.

We’ll make sure you’re not downgrading your cover, and that you’re made aware of possible waiting periods involved in upgrading with an existing medical condition.

Comparing all the plans yourself, with confusing insurance jargon like co-payment, out-patient excess, and shortfall is enough to make anyone dizzy! So we cut out all the stress, by comparing all the plans, from all the providers, for you.

Understanding 'the upgrade rule'

If you have a pre-existing condition, and you are considering switching your plan then you need to understand the ‘the upgrade rule’.

The upgrade rule imposes a two year waiting period on people who change their cover in relation to their pre-existing condition. This means for two years following the upgrade, you will still only be covered at the old rate of benefit before the stronger level activates.

This is specifically only related to your pre-existing condition – defined as a condition for which the signs/symptoms were showing 6 months prior to switching or taking out your plan.

If this applies to you, you must think carefully before switching to a plan with a high excess, or a plan with cover for selected hospitals only, as you will not be able to go up to this level of cover for two years.

Example of the upgrade rule

Mary has an underlying condition, for which she stays overnight in the Bons Secours in Galway twice a year, was covered on a plan with an excess of €75 per private hospital admission.

In 2018, at renewal she switched to a plan with a €500 excess to save on her premium. When she renews in 2019, if she chooses to go back to the €75 excess plan, she will still pay the €500 rate for the first two years for anything in relation to that pre-existting condition – because in 2019 she has 'upgraded' her cover in relation to a pre-existing condition.

But remember, the upgrade rule only relates to pre-existing conditions. If Mary develops a new condition after upgrading in 2019 she would be covered immediately at the €75 excess rate.

What plan is the best suited for me?

There’s a world of health insurance choices. Making it a world of trouble to search the hundreds of plans for the one that best fits your needs. There are simply too many policies on the market.

The three Irish providers could each offer 10 suitable plans – but all at different prices. Also, each provider offers suites of plans, called 'corporate plans'. These aren’t usually marketed to the general public, since they’re focused on big business, however they’re available to everyone, and often offer better health cover and value than regular 'consumer' plans.

Comparing all this like-for-like cover gets harder every month, with new plans released, and older, out-of-date policies left clogging up the market. It’s likely if you’ve had the same plan for more than two years you’re paying too much. So get in touch with us when it’s time to renew!

It’s really worth shopping around when you get your yearly renewal notice, especially if your premium is paid by Direct Debit. If you don’t review your plan before your 14 day cooling-off period expires, your policy auto-renews, and you’re stuck in another 12 month contract.

Here’s where Cornmarket can help; with our expert knowledge of every plan available, our team will search for policies designed around your and your family’s health needs and fitted to your budget.

Are you getting the most from your health insurance?