Claiming on everyday medical expenses

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Health insurers now have suites of plans allowing you to claim for everyday medical expenses like visiting GPs, physiotherapists, specialist consultants and even alternative practitioners like chiropractors or acupuncturists.

But if you’re insured on traditional plans (over five years old) you’re probably overpaying, without the ability to claim on day-to-day benefits.

Providers also offer corporate plans, usually aimed at businesses, but actually available to everyone. These often offer greater value for money, by letting you save on your premium, by taking on a small excess (€75 - €250) on overnight admissions to private hospital admissions and letting you claim for everyday expenses.

Claiming on day to day expenses & tax

Total Cost
Claimable on Certain Plans
GP visits x 3
Prescription costs
Physio visits x 2
Consultant visit
A&E Visit (public hospital)
Dental Visits x 2
Eye Test/Cont towards glasses

If you’re on an older plan you’ll enjoy large savings by moving to a plan like this. You can then make further savings by claiming back on expenses not claimable on your health insurance through Revenue. You can do this by claiming from your health insurance first, then claiming 20% from the outstanding balance from Revenue for certain expenses.

Remember - You can claim back expenses not covered on your health plan on Med 1 form

Total Expenses
Claimable on PMI
Outstanding Balance
Tax Relief @