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Consult with a registered GP, from the comfort of your own home

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Consult with a registered GP – from the comfort of your own home

GP Online care has transformed healthcare. A registered GP is now just a phone or video call away and you can access it from the comfort of your own home.

This service is now available for free on certain health plans. It’s now possible for GPs to send your prescription to a local pharmacy, following your consultation (when appropriate). GP Online also provides access to a healthy range of other useful services, information, guides and links.

You can also webchat with a registered GP for medically verified advice – instead of 'Googling' symptoms and getting potentially incorrect information.

You can access the online doctor service in three ways:

1. An expert on call (Registered with Medical Council of Ireland)

2. Message a Doctor (24/7 messaging with option to attach an image)

3. Speak face to face with GP (wherever you are, via smart device or computer webcam)

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