What plan is the best suited for me?

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What plan is the best suited for me?

There’s a world of health insurance choices. Making it a world of trouble to search the hundreds of plans for the one that best fits your needs. There are simply too many policies on the market.

The three Irish providers could each offer 10 suitable plans – but all at different prices. Also, each provider offers suites of plans, called 'corporate plans'. These aren’t usually marketed to the general public, since they’re focused on big business, however they’re available to everyone, and often offer better health cover and value than regular 'consumer' plans.

Comparing all this like-for-like cover gets harder every month, with new plans released, and older, out-of-date policies left clogging up the market. It’s likely if you’ve had the same plan for more than two years you’re paying too much. So get in touch with us when it’s time to renew!

It’s really worth shopping around when you get your yearly renewal notice, especially if your premium is paid by Direct Debit. If you don’t review your plan before your 14 day cooling-off period expires, your policy auto-renews, and you’re stuck in another 12 month contract.

Here’s where Cornmarket can help; with our expert knowledge of every plan available, our team will search for policies designed around your and your family’s health needs and fitted to your budget.

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In 2017 (Jan - Sept) those that called Cornmarket before their renewal saved:

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