How do I know if I'm covered?

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How do I know if I'm covered?

Check your covered before your treatment.

Before receiving hospital treatment, it’s very important you check your plan with your insurer to make sure you’re covered for that procedure.

To confirm cover you’ll need to provide your insurer with

  1. The name of the hospital
  2. The full name of the consultant
  3. The unique procedure code (contact your consultant's secretary for this).

Once you’ve served all applicable waiting periods, your insurer will be able to confirm cover and if any excess is payable under your plan. If the procedure is fully covered under your plan, your health insurer will settle the claim directly with the hospital on your behalf.

If you are referred for a scan, ask your health insurer where your closest 'approved centre' is. This is important – if you attend a non-approved centre, you may not be covered.

So always check your policy before undergoing treatment!