How do I claim?

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How do I claim?

Your health insurance lets you claim for a wide range of benefits, but how you submit your claim depends on what you’re claiming for.

1. Day to Day and Out-Patient Claims

These are claims for benefits such as GP, consultant visits, and other treatments where you’re not admitted to hospital.

They can be submitted in one of two ways – online using Scan and Claim or by posting your original receipts to your health insurance provider (within 13 weeks of the expiry date of your policy).

2. Hospital Claims

This will be for a procedure in hospital, either a day case or overnight/in-patient stay.

Before the procedure, you should confirm you’re covered with your insurer. To confirm cover you’ll need to provide your insurer with:

1. The name of the hospital

2. The full name of the consultant

3. The unique procedure code (contact your consultant's secretary for this).

During your stay, inform the hospital you have private medical insurance, and complete the claim form (you will need your policy or member number). If your plan has a hospital excess you pay this directly to the hospital.

After your stay – you don’t have to do anything! Your insurer will handle everything and will then send you confirmation of your claim settlement.