Switching your company's health insurance

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Provide great health insurance cover for your employees

Have you had the same health insurance cover in place for your company for the past 2+ years or are you thinking about changing employee contributions from your scheme? The process of changing cover can be a daunting one particularly if you have a number of members / policies on cover. At Cornmarket we provide a stress-free approach to looking after your health insurance. Our team of experts will take the hassle out of going through the 325 plans to find the best health insurance plans for your company. Our position as Ireland's leading health insurance broker gives us a unique advantage to contact the 3 providers on the market to ascertain the best level of cover for your employees. We may be able to source a plan with an added 10% discount in certain cases and we are always aware of the best corporate plans available on the market as well as the best offers available for children and young adult dependents. We provide tailored health insurance for your employees and their families.

The process of switching cover may seem daunting for a large cohort of staff, at Cornmarket we make the transition straightforward and stress-free. You are able to cancel cover without penalty one month prior to your renewal date and up to 14 days after. To ensure you are on the right cover complete a form and one of our expert corporate advisors will give you a call at a time suitable to you to discuss your options.