Why choose Cornmarket as your health insurance advisor?

As Ireland's largest health insurance broker we do the hard work for you and search the market to find you the best cover.

You’ll be in good company. Over 93,000 people already trust us to keep them, and their families healthy. That makes us Ireland’s largest health insurance broker, with a comprehensive, detailed understanding of the market – and your needs.

With over 325 health plans available on the market, finding the right one can be a headache. Many people stick with their existing plans, simply because it’s hard to make like-for-like comparisons. With our unique experience and expertise, we make finding the right health insurance painless – by doing it for you. We review every plan meticulously, until we find the health cover that fits your and your family’s needs and budget.

We are sure you won’t get a cheaper quote for the same cover and benefits going direct. We’ll find the best plan at the best price.

Make a healthy change

Simply give us your contact details, and one of our friendly health insurance experts will call you back within 48 hours. Whether you’re currently with us or not, they’ll discuss a health insurance plan that that meets your and your family’s needs and possible savings. If your existing plan is best, then no change will be recommended! Though often we’ll be able to recommend better health cover for you, from your existing provider.

However if a change of provider is best for you, we’ll talk you through how to switch. Then set up your new plan in minutes. It’s simple – you will continue to pay your premium directly to the health insurance company as normal.

Or you’re free to use the information provided to make your own arrangements (we’ll give you full documentation detailing supporting our recommendations).

We’d like to help protect your health – we look at:

  • Student rates
  • Free cover for new-borns
  • Special offers/discounts
  • Travel cover savings
  • Corporate plans
  • Hospital ‘Network’ Plans
  • Day-to-day options, i.e. cover for routine medical expenses