How income protection helps with short term claims

Changes in Public Sector Sick Leave arrangement mean you have less paid sick leave than previously. Which means your pay reduces to half, or stops completely sooner than before. As a result there has been a rise in claims for short term illnesses.

The short term claims process

We’ve responded to this increase in short term claims with a new process – designed to speed up claims if you’re working again, or will be soon.

Because less medical information is required compared to a standard claim, we cut the waiting time for payment.

Schemes included in the short term claims process

  • INTO Salary Protection Scheme
  • INMO Income Protection Scheme
  • ASTI Salary Protection Scheme
  • PNA Salary Protection Scheme
  • TUI Income Continuance Plan
  • Fórsa Salary Protection Scheme for members of the Health & Welfare, Local Government & Local Services, and Education Divisions
  • AHCPS Income Continuance Plan
  • SIPTU Nurses Salary Protection Scheme
  • SIPTU MLSA Salary Protection Scheme