A collective approach to mental health

In our role as administrator of the INMO Salary Protection Scheme, we at Cornmarket have a unique understanding of the conditions which cause claims to arise, and with this in mind,  an initiative around mental health and wellbeing was built into the Scheme during its last review.

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has had an impact on the mental health of many, not least nurses & midwives, so we are proud to be working with the INMO on this collective campaign for the benefit of members at this time.    

Informed by research

The INMO nurses and midwives community is unique, with a wide variety of roles and a range of responsibilities and pressures. To help inform this initiative, we commissioned a research project to understand the specific factors that contribute to members' mental health and wellbeing, with a view to building a visible and accessible campaign, based on topics that matter. We commissioned a review of the most recent literature and research available on Nurses and Midwives mental health.

Additionally, we have drawn from the results of the INMO Mental Health Covid-19 Survey 2020 to help us understand the impact the pandemic was having on members mental health.

To support findings, Dr. Sharon Lambert working for Full health Medical carried out 8 one-to-one qualitative interviews with members to help us gather a deeper understanding of the issues raised.

Read the full research project now

Research project: An exploration of the wellbeing of nurses and midwives in Ireland

Collective Approach

As well as research we have invited a number of mental health professionals, Expert Nurse Opinion consultant Brid O’Meara, Wellbeing specialists Zevo Health and mental health charities Aware and Text About It, to inform the Let’s Talk About It initiative.

Addressing what matters

More recently we asked INMO Income Protection Scheme members to help shape the initiative via an online survey. This gave members the opportunity to let us know what really mattered and what was needed in this initiative.

  • 47% don’t know where to access free mental health support for nurses and midwives*
  • 98% want tailored support for INMO members*

In response to research findings, as well as the suggestions made by nurses and midwives, we invited wellbeing specialists, mental health experts, charities and more to join the Let’s Talk About It mental health collective. From bespoke webinars, podcasts and wellbeing resources to one-to-one and peer support services, there is something for everyone.

Now it’s over to INMO members - Let’s Talk About It aims to get nurses and midwives talking about mental health, create a community of support and equip members with practical advice so they can take action to protect their mental health when they need to.

Together, we can make an impact for nurses and midwives mental health.

*Source: Cornmarket’s Shape the Initiative Survey, March 2021, based on 1,134 responses from INMO Income Protection Scheme Members. **Cornmarket, April 2021, Let’s Talk About It Research Project. Let's Talk About It, a mental health collective for INMO members, is brought to you by INMO and Cornmarket.