About the Initiative

Let's Talk About It, a mental health collective for INMO members

About the initiative

The Let’s Talk About It campaign is a mental health collective for INMO members, brought to you by INMO and Cornmarket. Our mission is to:

  • Get nurses and midwives talking about mental health,
  • Create a community of support,
  • Provide access to support and practical advice,
  • Encourage members to take action to protect their mental health when they need to.

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has had an impact on the mental health of many, not least nurses & midwives, so we are proud to be working with the INMO on this collective campaign for the benefit of all members at this time.

“Dedicated Nurses and Midwives strive to provide the best care for their patient’s everyday – but it's important to prioritise their own health too. Stigma around mental health exists in many professions, and we hope that this campaign will start positive conversations around mental health in the INMO community”

Ivan Ahern, Cornmarket Director.

Let's get behind this, together

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About the Initiative

The Let's Talk About It mental health collective booklet

For more information on our collective

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Creating a mental health collective for INMO members

A collective approach

The INMO nurses and midwives community is unique, with a wide variety of roles and a range of responsibilities and pressures. With this in mind, this initiative has been created as a collective.

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Informed by research

An exploration of the wellbeing of nurses and midwives in Ireland

To help us create ‘Let’s Talk About It’, we commissioned a research project which includes, a literary review, in-depth one-to-one interviews with INMO members and the INMO Covid-19 Mental Health survey results.

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Together, we can make a bigger impact

Let's get talking about mental health

INMO Income Protection Scheme

In our role as administrator of the INMO Income Protection Scheme, we at Cornmarket have a unique understanding of the conditions which cause claims to arise, and with this in mind, an initiative around mental health and wellbeing was built into the Scheme during its last review. Click find out more below to visit the INMO Income Protection Scheme page

Let’s Talk About It, a mental health collective for INMO members, is brought you by INMO and Cornmarket.