Reviewing your cover has benefits

Life stages come and go, bringing changes in your circumstances – which will impact on the type of life cover you need. A review will make sure you change your cover to fit your needs – and might even save you some cash!

There are hundreds of life insurance policies on the Irish market – with new types of cover, at better prices, becoming available monthly.

You may find you’re over or under-insured. A review ensures that your life insurance is the right fit for your life.

Changing times, changing cover

The reality is life changes, so your cover should too. Just think of all the milestones: marriage, children, buying a home, school and university, new jobs, reductions in mortgage over the years and beyond.

Different cover, new benefits

Not all life insurance policies are the same. There are always new and improved policies on offer, at better prices. So it makes sense to review and shop around.

Don't let your cover fall short

Keep in mind that what you need to insure and what you are insured for may differ! You could have a protection shortfall if haven’t reviewed your policy for some time.