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Life insurance protects your loved ones and gives you peace of mind. It pays a lump sum when you die, to make sure those you love most are taken care of financially. It’s important to regularly review your cover, especially if you’ve had a big life event like getting married, buying a home or having a baby. Here's what we do for you:

Review your cover

by telephone or video call from the comfort of your home, which could save you time and money

Get your level of cover right

by reviewing your and your partner’s life cover needs (if applicable). An imbalance of cover is really common in Public Sector & Private Sector households…we can help!

Extra 2.5% discount

on Aviva policies (subject to a minimum premium of €10 per month)

Access to a range of other benefits

including Aviva’s Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion and Family Care*

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What makes us different?

We are experts in Public Sector finance. We know that couples often have different levels of life cover in place, which could leave one of you exposed. This often happens if you or your partner work in the Public Sector and have Salary Protection through a union or workplace. As part of our review, we make sure you get the balance right! Check out our quick video to find out more!

*These programmes are subject to review and will remain available to members for as long as Aviva provides the service.

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