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At Cornmarket, we believe in putting our Customers First, and we place them at the centre of everything we do.  

With this in mind, we have developed MyCornmarket, so you can get secure and instant access to all your policy information 24/7.

MyCornmarket launched in 2016 and is a new facility which can be accessed through a mobile app or Cornmarket.ie.  It provides you with a simple and secure way to:  

  • View up to date information on your Cornmarket policies; so you will always know what you are covered for.


  • Easy access to useful information such as contact numbers for our Motor Rescue, Windscreen Replacement, Nurses On Call  and Home Rescue services.


  • View the features and benefits of your policies as well as information relating to the various product and services available through Cornmarket.


MyCornmarket also contains a number of extremely useful tools which are tailored around the polices you hold, such as our Sick Pay calculator & Tax Refund calculator. 


To find out more about the how MyCornmarket will be here to help you click on the link below and watch our video. 



Don’t delay,  sign up for MyCornmarket today by downloading our app from the




Or by clicking on one of the links below 


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What is MyCornmarket?

MyCornmarket is an exciting new facility, which can be accessed through a mobile app or Cornmarket.ie.  It will provide you with easy access to all of your Cornmarket products and policies as well as a wide range of useful tools.


How do I register for MyCornmarket?

To register for MyCornmarket, go to www.cornmarket.ie/register  

You can also download the MyCornmarket app from the Google Playstore or from the App Store on iTunes.

All you need to do is:

  1. Click on the login to “MyCornmarket " button
  2. Select the “Register for MyCornmarket option 
  3. Enter your email address and date of birth
  4. Open your email account
  5. Click on the link in the email you received.
  6. Enter your new password and click on the register now button. 


How can I access MyCornmarket?

Once you have registered for MyCornmarket you can access the web portal by clicking on the "MyCornmarket" button, which you will see in the top right hand corner of all pages on the Cornmarket website. 


What can I do through MyCornmarket?

As an existing Cornmarket customer, who has registered with MyCornmarket, you will be able to:

  • View important details of your policies and products, including values of any of your investments, in one place, and at a time that suits you
  • Access tools such as our sick pay and tax calculators
  • Contact us quickly through dedicated “contact us” forms
  • View and set important reminders such as your car, home and health insurance renewal dates as well as tax deadlines
  • Find contact details for the services you require
  • Get up to date details about our latest offers and competitions


Can I get a new quote or renew my insurance policies through the MyCornmarket app?

At present you cannot get a new quote or renew your policies through the MyCornmarket app.  If you would like to receive a new quote or are looking to renew your policies you can click on the service you require below  





What should I do if MyCornmarket tells me that my e-mail address is already in use when I am trying to create a new account?

If you receive a message telling you that your email address is already in use please contact one of our Customer Service agents on (01) 408 6216 so that they can assist you in creating a new account.


I didn’t receive my confirmation email - what should I do?

Please check your junk mail folder to see if the confirmation e-mail has been delivered to this folder.  If you find the e-mail in your junk folder please add noreply@mycornmarket.ie to your contacts list. This will ensure that our e-mails will not be delivered to your spam folder in the future. If after checking your spam folder you still have not found your confirmation e-mail please call Cornmarket on (01) 408 6216 for assistance.


I’m having trouble remembering my username - how can I retrieve it?

Your username for MyCornmarket is your email address. If you are having trouble remembering your password, please click on “Forgotten Password” on the log on page. You can enter your email address, which will generate an email to you with a link to reset your password. Alternatively you can contact one of our Customer Service agents on (01) 408 6216 so that they can assist you.


My account is locked - how can I unlock it?

If you find that your account has been locked, please contact one of our Customer Service agents on (01) 408 6216 so that they can assist you.


Some of my prepopulated details are incorrect/ out of date - how can I update them?

If your personal details are incorrect please contact one of our Customer Service agents on (01) 408 6216 so that they can make the amendments for you.  Please allow 24 hours for these changes to appear on your profile.


Why can I not see a product or policy that I have purchased through Cornmarket when I log into MyCornmarket?

MyCornmarket will present you with details of the following products: 

  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Life & Serious Illness Cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Midas
  • Salary Protection
  •  AVC’s
  • Savings & Investments


We will continue to add further products and policies to MyCornmarket over time.  In the meantime if you find that any of the above are missing from your account, please contact our customer service team on (01) 408 6216 for assistance.



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