Fórsa Car Insurance Scheme - Premium Features & Benefits

Please read this document carefully. This doesn’t contain the full terms and conditions of cover, but highlights the main features and benefits depending on the applicable Policy Cover, and significant or unusual exclusions that apply to the Policy as a whole.

A significant exclusion is something which may affect your decision about whether this policy meets your needs. Full terms and conditions can be found within the Policy Booklet which is available at www.allianz.ie

This policy is underwritten by Allianz plc. Allianz plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Significant Features of Our Car Insurance Product

Depending on the terms, exceptions and conditions of this policy, the following will apply: 

1. Protected No Claim Bonus (Automatically included)

In any consecutive three-year renewal period you may incur one unlimited Third Party or Accidental Damage claim without impact on Your No Claim Discount Entitlement.

2. Step-back No Claim Bonus Protection

In any three year period you may have:

• One claim up to €10,000. This will result in your No Claim Bonus being stepped back by 3 years, for example from 5 years to 2 years.

• One claim of €10,001 or more. This will result in your No Claim Bonus being stepped back by 4 years, for example from 5 years to 1 year.

3. Protected No Claim Bonus (Fire /Theft/Windscreen)

No penalty on the No Claim Bonus for fire, theft or windscreen claims.

5. Excess

The standard policy excess is €250. Where an additional driver holds a Learner Permit this excess is increased by €125. If you are under 25 years of age with Comprehensive cover, an excess of €315 will apply.

6. Motor Breakdown Rescue

A 24-hour accident and breakdown service providing:

• Breakdown, attempted theft and accident assistance

• Driveway assistance

• Towing

• Message relay service

• Completion of journey or overnight accommodation or a replacement car for up to 48 hours.

The above options are at the discretion of the assistance company.

Freephone 1800 377 700

7. Driving Other Cars

Comprehensive policies now have automotive comprehensive cover for the policyholder whilst driving other cars, where the vehicle value does not exceed €50,000 and the vehicle’s engine size does not exceed 3,500cc. Third Party Fire and Theft policies have automatic third party cover for the policyholder whilst driving other private motor cars. Motorcycles, vans, minibuses and commercial vehicles are excluded and the vehicle must not belong to the policyholder or the policyholder’s employer and must not be hired to him/her under a hire purchase agreement.


We will replace your car with a new car of the same specification (subject to availability) if within twelve months of its purchase as new, and provided it has not travelled more than 24,000 Kilometres, it is:

a) Accidentally damaged within the meaning of your policy cover to an extent greater than 60% of the manufacturer’s last published list price (inclusive of Value Added Tax)

b) Lost by theft and not recovered within 14 days of the loss being reported to us.

9. Trailer Cover

Third party cover to tow a trailer or caravan.

10. Car Hire

Free courtesy car for a maximum of 5 days, applicable only when an aligned repairer is used. Free courtesy car for a maximum of 14 days following theft where car is not recovered.

11. Green Card

Valid for driving within the EU for a single trip of up to 30 days. Contact our helpline in advance of your journey if you require an extension of this policy cover.

12. Personal Accident Benefit

For injuries sustained by the driver (policyholder and/or spouse) of the insured car. €12,700 will be paid in the event of death, loss of sight, of limbs and permanent total disablement.

13. Medical Expenses

Cover for €127 per week for medical costs per passenger injured, up to maximum of 10 weeks.

14. Personal Effects

Cover for personal effects up to €200 if stolen from the boot of the car or locked glove compartment.

15. Replacement Locks

Cover up to €750 is provided towards the cost of replacing locks and/or re-coding of car keys or any devices of similar function for your car. (certain conditions apply).

16. Fire Brigade Charges

Up to €1,000 will be paid to cover the cost of fire brigade charges which you have to pay as a result of the fire brigade being called to control or put out a fire in your car, and to remove you or your passengers from the car. This benefit will only be paid if there is a valid claim on your policy for the event.

17. Legal Expense Cover

• Accident loss recovery and personal injury

• Motor Legal Defence

• Motor contract disputes

• Legal advice helpline service

• Counselling helpline service.

Locall 1850 670 747

18. Liability to Third Parties and Legal Costs

Damage to third party property is covered up to €3,000,000.

19. Accidental Damage

If your policy is comprehensive, cover is provided for loss of or damage to the insured vehicle. The maximum payment for any loss or damage under this section will be the market value of your car immediately preceding the incident but will not exceed any value declared to us prior to the loss.

20. Driving options – named drivers

Allows named drivers to be added to the policy. Subject to terms and conditions. Additional charges may apply.

21. Provisional Licence Holders

Comprehensive cover is available.

22. Partners

May also avail of the scheme once their occupation is ‘class 1’. Call the helpline for details

23. Scheme Vehicle Acceptance Criteria

The maximum value allowed on the scheme is €99,999 for comprehensive and third party policies. Vehicles must be a standard private car with a maximum of 9 seats including the driver’s seat and windows in the back. Certain cars are excluded, e.g. car-vans, kit cars, coaches, mini buses, personnel carriers etc. Call the helpline for details.

DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority of the United Kingdom and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for the conduct of business rules.

Cornmarket car insurance scheme is devised and administrated by Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. Underwritten by Allianz plc. Allianz plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The insurers reserve the right to amend policy terms and conditions. For full terms and conditions please refer to the policy guide/insurance certificate. The details provided are correct as of the effective date of the policy. For full details of your insurance cover, please read your Statement of Fact, your Schedule, and your Policy Terms and Conditions as together they form the basis of your contract with Allianz Insurance Limited who is the underwriter of your car insurance policy.