Home Insurance FAQs

What is classed as buildings and contents insurance?

Your Buildings Cover refers to your home and the fixtures and fittings within the home. Your Buildings Cover also includes garages and domestic outbuildings, permanent swimming pools, hard-courts, paved terraces, patios, drives, paths, walls, gates and fences, all contained within the boundaries of the land of the home. Contents are generally defined as everything you could take with you if you were to move house. We recommend that you spend some time creating an inventory of your contents in each room in order to ensure your contents are adequately covered.

What is "accidental damage?"

Accidental damage is an additional cover that provides for damage to contents or property inside the home resulting from an accident. Please refer to your schedule of cover to see if this cover is applicable to your policy.

What is “All Risks” cover?

All risks cover covers certain items for loss, damage or theft when they are outside of your home. Please refer to your schedule of cover to see if you have cover for this section. Please note that valuations may be required for items worth more than €3,000.

 Do I have Home Rescue Cover on my policy?

Home Rescue cover is provided for Allianz, RSA Select, RSA Home Plan plus, and Zurich Homestar policyholders.  This is a 24 hour, 365 days a year nationwide emergency service. Please call 1800 992 600 or refer to your benefit booklet for more information.

Home Rescue cover does not apply to RSA Safehome Options Customers. 

What is an Endorsement?

This means that there has been a change to general cover / conditions of the contract. Please refer to your schedule of cover which displays any endorsements which apply to your policy.

Who do I call to make a claim on my home insurance?

For Allianz Customers: Call the claims line on 1890 779 999

For RSA Customers: Call the claims line on 1890 290 100

For Zurich Customers: Call the claims line on 1890 208 408

What is an excess?

The excess amount on your policy is the amount of money which you must pay should you have a valid claim. Your policy will only provide cover above this amount.

How do I make changes to my policy after it has started?

Whether you want to add a piece of jewelry to your home insurance policy, amend the value of your contents or make a change to the structure of your property, you can contact one of our Home Insurance Experts on (01) 4084020.  We will discuss the changes to your policy that you need and if there will be any additional charge to your home insurance premium or any change to the terms and conditions of your home insurance policy.

What happens if I move house?

Contact us on (01) 4084020 and we will process your change of address. We may need some additional documentation from you in some instances such as the completion of a new proposal form relating to your new address.

How do I cancel my policy?

In order to cancel your policy we will need written instruction from you confirming the policy number and the cancellation date. Please note if there is more than one policy holder we will need this letter signed by all interested parties.

How can I reduce my home insurance premium?

It is possible to save money on your home insurance premium. Below are a few ways in which you could reduce your costs:

If you have an alarm you could be entitled to a reduction in your premium.

Smoke detectors can also reduce your premium.

Review your buildings and contents cover to ensure you are not over-insured.

For your buildings cover it is always the reinstatement value that you insure the property for, not the market value. For more details, call us to review your policy on (01) 4084020.