Investment FAQs

How do investments work?

Investment policies tend to be medium to long term savings plans which purchase a variety of assets to maximise the return for the investor. 

What funds can I invest in?

Most policies and insurance companies offer a wide range of funds in which you can invest in. Please contact your insurance company for details of the available funds.

Can I get advice on funds?

Yes. We can offer advice on funds as part of a financial fact find with one of our consultants. Please call us on 01 408 6279 to arrange an appointment

Can my investment fall in value?

Yes – funds can go up and down on a daily basis. However some policies may have a capital guarantee on some or all of the investment for a certain period of time.

How do I encash my policy?

You must send the insurance company a signed encashment request along with I.D. and current utility bills. Please contact your insurance company for their exact requirements as each company has different requirements.

Are there any penalties if I encash my fund?

Some policies will have early exit penalties if you encash some or all of the policy over the first few years. Please check your policy document or contact us on 01 408 6279 to see if these apply.