Significant Features Of Our Gold Car Insurance Product

Depending on the terms, exceptions and conditions of this policy, the following will apply:

1 Windscreen Cover

If you use our aligned windscreen repairers there is no limit on cover. A limit of €225 for any single event will be applicable if any other repairer is used. Any payment will have no effect on your no claims discount, and we will not ask you to pay any excess if you claim.

2 No Claim Discount Protection: Fire/Theft/Windscreen

Any payment we make for fire, theft, or windscreen claims will not affect your no claim discount.

3 Step Back No Claim Discount

If you make a single claim or one arises during any period of insurance, we will reduce your no claim discount by three years e.g. 50% to 20%, 40% to 10%, 30% or less to nil.

4 Protected No-Claim Discount

(automatically included)

You may make up to two unlimited claims within a three year period without losing your no-claim discount. We will not take account of claims for windscreen breakage, fire or theft. When you have availed of the two claims in a three year period protection provided under this cover, you will not qualify for further protected no-claim discount for at least three years from the following renewal. What this means is that Aviva Insurance Ireland DAC will remove the protection for any further claim i.e. a third claim in a three year period will reduce your no claims discount in accordance with the step-back clause opposite. You will not qualify for NCD protection again until you are claims free for three years.

Table 1 below explains this further and will apply to claims that result in damage to your car, third party injury or damage to third party property, vandalism/malicious damage claims that occur outside the confines of a designated parking area for nurses provided by your employer, medical expenses or emergency treatment claims arising out of an accident, claim for new car replacement, car value top-up or loss of or damage to the car caused by incorrectly fuelling the car.

Table 1

No Claims Discount Protection Your No Claim Discount (NCD)

Before any claim you have 50%

After 1 claim you will have 50%

After 2 claims within a 3 year period, you will have (See Note 1) 50%

After 3 claims within a 3 year period, you will have (See Notes 1 and 2) 20%

After 4 claims within a 3 year period, you will have (See Notes 1, 2 and 3) 0%

Note 1: At the time you reach this point you will not qualify for no claim discount protection again until you are claims free for three years.

Note 2: At the time you reach this point you will not qualify for step-back no claim discount again until you are claims free for two years.

Note 3: At the time you reach this point you will not qualify for step-back no claim discount again until you are claims free for four years.

5 Breakdown Rescue

The following types of breakdown are covered: mechanical breakdown, fire, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, punctures that need help to fix or to replace a wheel, lost keys, stolen keys and keys broken in the lock or locked in the car.

Please call 1800 646 545 for more details.

6 Driving Of Other Cars: Comprehensive

The Nurses’ Gold policy will provide the policyholder with comprehensive cover while he/she drives any other private motor car. To avail of this cover certain conditions apply, which include, among others, the requirement that: the policyholder must hold a full EU driving license to be eligible for this benefit; the vehicle must not exceed €40,000 in value or 2 litres (2000cc) cubic capacity, it cannot belong to your partner and the policyholder’s own private car must still have an active insurance certificate displayed in their own vehicle i.e. it has not been damaged beyond economic repair.

7 Legal Expenses Cover

Accident loss recovery and personal injury

Motor Legal Defence

Motor contract disputes

Legal advice Helpline service

Counselling Helpline service. LoCall 0818 670 747

Legal Expenses cover is underwritten by DAS Insurance Company Ireland Limited. Please refer to your DAS policy booklet for full Terms & Conditions.

8 No Claim Discount Protection: Malicious Damage Cover In Work Grounds

We will pay for loss of or damage to your car caused by wilful or malicious damage by anybody, within the confines of your permanent place of employment. The amount payable will not exceed the current market value of the car at the time of the incident. Any payment made under this section will not affect your no claim discount.

An excess of €125 applies.

9 Reducing accidental damage excess

If you have an accident, which gives rise to a claim under the policy and, at the time of the incident you are insured with Aviva for a period in excess of twelve months, the accidental damage excess will be €0 if you use an aligned repairer.

10 Excess

The standard policy excess is €125.

11 €0 Accidental Damage Excess

If you have an accident, which gives rise to a claim under the policy and at the time of the incident you are driving in connection with your profession as a Nurse, the excess will be waived at the time of the claim if you use an aligned repairer.

12 Foreign Use

We will automatically extend your policy to provide full policy cover within the EU. This cover will last 90 days in any period of insurance for the policyholder’s car.

13 Personal Belongings Cover

We will pay up to €500 for any one event for any loss of or damage to personal belongings in the car cause by fire, accident or theft (not including certain items such as money, stamps, documents, jewellery, mobile phones, iPads, laptops, etc.). A €100 excess applies but there will be no effect on your No Claim Discount.

14 Personal Accident Benefit

Aviva’s Journeywise benefit provides cover for accidental bodily injury to any person named on the policy schedule. We will pay €26,000 in the event of death, loss of sight, of an arm or leg, and will pay €130 for each day spent as an inpatient in hospital for up to 20 days. You are covered while getting in or out of a private car, or any train, bus, taxi, aircraft, boat, ship or hovercraft (as a fare paying passenger).

15 Fire Brigade Charges

We will pay up to €1,000 to cover the cost of fire brigade charges which you have to pay as a result of the fire brigade being called to control or put out a fire in your car, and to remove you or your passengers from the car. We will pay this benefit only if there is a valid claim on your policy for the event.

16 Replacement Lock Cover

Provides cover for replacing door, boot, ignition, steering lock and lock transmitter, and the central locking interface if your keys or lock transmitter are lost or stolen and any person who may have your keys or transmitter is likely to know where you keep your car. There is no excess and any incident under this section has no effect on your No Claim Discount.

17 New Car Concession

If your car is less than one year old when stolen (and not recovered), or when damaged (in a single incident) resulting in a repair or reinstatement cost of more than 50% of the current Republic of Ireland list price of the car when new, we will offer to replace the car with a new vehicle of the same specification (make/model), provided it is available in the Republic of Ireland.

18 Radio/Audio Equipment/Satellite Navigation Systems

We provide cover for loss or damage to radio, hi-fi, car phone or CB equipment up to €1,000.

19 Automatic Temporary Substitution

We provide cover, as standard, on any private car up to 2000cc (2 litres) loaned to you or a permitted driver shown on your certificate of motor insurance, for up to seven days by a registered garage or vehicle repairer while your own car is repaired. This cover only applies to drivers that qualify for the driving of other cars benefit.

20 Car Value Top-Up

If your car is no longer economical to repair, cannot be repaired, or has been stolen and not recovered, we will pay you the market value of your car at the time of loss plus €1,500. This benefit will not apply if your car is replaced as new under ‘new car replacement’; if your car is 4 years old or more at the time of the loss; under the driving of other cars benefit, and to any car temporarily covered under the policy. The most we will pay is one car value top-up in a single period of insurance. If you have insured your car for less than the current market value (at the time of loss), we will reduce the amount we will pay you in line with the declared value that appears in your schedule.

21 Uninsured Driving Protection

If you make a claim for a road traffic accident that is not your fault and the driver of the other car involved in the accident is not insured, you will not lose your No Claim Discount. This benefit is only available on comprehensive policies and an excess applies.

22 Open Driving (Optional)

For an extra premium, with open driving as your selected driving option, you can allow any driver aged

25 to 70 years to drive your car once they have a full EU driving license.

23 Child Seat Cover

We will pay for any loss of or damage to a child car seat in the car caused by fire, theft, attempted theft or accidental means. We will not pay for any amount over €350 for each child seat claimed for, or €700 in total, whichever is less.

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