Please read this document carefully. This doesn’t contain the full terms and conditions of cover, but highlights the main features and benefits depending on the applicable Policy Cover, and significant or unusual exclusions that apply to the Policy as a whole. A significant exclusion is something which may affect your decision about whether this policy meets your needs. Full terms and conditions can be found within the Policy Booklet which is available at

This policy is underwritten by RSA Insurance Ireland Limited (RSA). RSA Insurance Ireland Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Significant Features Of Our Select Car Insurance Product

Depending on the terms, exceptions and conditions of this policy, the following will apply:

1. Optional Open Driving Available

Open driving for full licence holders aged between 25 to 74 (with no accidents for 3 years and no convictions for 5 years). Additional charges may apply.

2. Driving Options – Named Drivers

Allows named drivers from the age of 17 with full or provisional licence to be added to the policy. Additional charges may apply.

3. Driving Other Cars

Comprehensive policies now have automatic comprehensive cover for the policyholder whilst driving other private motor cars, where the vehicle value does not exceed €50,000 and the vehicle’s engine size does not exceed 3,500cc. Third Party Fire and Theft policies have automatic third party cover for the policyholder whilst driving other private motor cars. Motorcycles, vans/minibuses/ commercial vehicles are excluded and the vehicle must not belong to the policyholder or the policyholder’s employer and must not be hired to him/her under a hire purchase agreement.

4. Windscreen Cover

If you use the recommended windscreen repairer, Autoglass 1850 363 655, up to €600 cover applies for Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft policies. If you do not use the recommended windscreen repairer the maximum amount payable is €225.

5. Cost Of Car Hire

Temporary replacement car hire of a similar vehicle for up to 7 days for loss or damage claim. For theft claims this is increased to 14 days and theft claim will be settled after 14 days.

6. Free Foreign Use Extension 

Valid for driving within the EU for a single trip of up to 30 days. Contact our Helpline in advance of your journey if you require an extension to this Policy Cover.

7. Vehicle Value & Scheme

Vehicle Acceptance Criteria The value of the vehicle does not affect your premium as long as it does not exceed the maximum value allowed of €100,000 for Comprehensive policies and €50,000 for Third Party Fire and Theft policies. The scheme will accommodate vehicles up to 5,000cc but excludes modified or high performance vehicles. Commercial vehicles/vans are also excluded.

8. No Claims Bonus Protection*

If selected, this means that cover is provided for 1 unlimited claim within a 3 year period without affecting your No Claims Bonus at renewal. If you have No Claims Bonus Protection and have a claim that would otherwise have affected your earned NCD years, your earned NCD years entitlement will be maintained but not advanced.

*This is an optional extra & does not need to be purchased in order to buy the main product. Your certificate of insurance will confirm if this cover applies. Please refer to your quotation pack to see if this cover has been included in your quote.

9. Step Back No Claims Bonus 

Automatically included, which means that in the event that you claim (i.e. excluding malicious damage, fire/theft claims or claims within the partial No Claims Bonus limit), you will not lose your full No Claims Bonus. Instead, your No Claims Bonus will be stepped back by 3 years.

10. Excess

There is no policy excess for windscreen claims. The standard policy excess is €325 for own damage. For drivers aged 17 to 24, the excess is €575. Excess will be reduced by €50 where an approved repairer is used. In the event of claims arising from vehicle being driven into water the applicable excess is doubled.

11. Partners

Partners can join the scheme once their occupation is ‘Class 1’ (call the Helpline for details).

12.  Personal Compensation

€30,000 benefit for death/injuries sustained by the driver (policy holder and/or spouse) of the insured car. Certain limits apply.

13. Personal Belongings 

Cover of up to €500 is provided if personal items and/or equipment used in the course of the insured’s occupation or profession are damaged in an accident or stolen from a locked boot or locked glove compartment within the car. Baby equipment will also be replaced if damaged in an accident. Cover is also provided for loss or damage to child seats or booster seats caused by Accidental means, Fire or Theft (or attempted theft). Cover does not apply for the first €50 of each and every claim. Conditions apply.

14. Malicious Damage

Claims occurring whilst the car is within a designated parking space in work grounds carry an excess of €100. No premium penalty at renewal (Comprehensive policies only).

15. New Car Concession

If the insured vehicle is damaged beyond economic repair within 12 months of being purchased as new, the insured vehicle will be replaced by a new vehicle of the same make and model.

16. Replacement Locks 

Replacement of locks/keys to the value of €1,000 following theft of keys from the insured’s home. No excess applies and no loss of No Claims Bonus.

17. Permanently Fitted Electronic Devices

Audio equipment, sat navs, car phones and games consoles that are permanently fitted to the car are all covered up to the value of €1,000.

18. Fire Brigade Charges 

Automatically included up to a maximum of €1000.

19. Uninsured Driving Protection

No loss of No Claims Bonus if policyholder is not at fault for an accident with a known uninsured third party.

20. Indemnity To Employer For Union Members 

Available at no extra charge.

21. Motor Breakdown Rescue 

A 24-hour accident and breakdown service providing:

Breakdown, attempted theft and accident assistance

Driveaway assistance


Message relay service

Completion of journey or overnight accommodation or a replacement car for up to 48-hours.

The above options are at the discretion of the assistance company.

Freephone 1800 377 700.

22. Legal Expense Cover

Accident loss recovery and personal injury

Motor Legal Defence

Motor contract disputes

Legal advice Helpline service

Counselling Helpline service. LoCall 1850 670 747.

23. Renewal Acceptance Criteria

Please note if you have more than 2 claims, other than windscreen breakage, in any consecutive 2 year period you may not be eligible for membership of the Car Insurance Scheme. Existing members may be transferred at renewal date to a non-scheme policy with less preferential terms of cover.

24. Liability To Third Parties And Legal Costs

Damage to third party property is covered up to €30,000,000.

25. Medical Expenses Cover 

For €130 per occupant per completed day spent as an inpatient in hospital, max 20 days.

26. Accidental Damage 

If your policy is comprehensive, cover is provided for loss of or damage to the insured vehicle. The maximum payment for any loss or damage under this Section will be the market value of Your Car immediately preceding the incident but will not exceed any value declared to us prior to the loss.

Devised and administered by Cornmarket Group Financial services Ltd. underwritten by RSA Insurance Ireland Limited. RSA Insurance Ireland Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The details provided are correct at the time of going to print (May 2014). The insurers reserve the right to amend policy terms and conditions available on renewal date. Underwriting criteria, terms & conditions apply. For full policy terms and conditions, please refer to policy guide/membership certificates