Travel Insurance FAQs

When does my travel insurance cover begin and end?

Trip Cancellation Protection will become effective immediately upon purchasing your travel insurance. The remaining travel insurance cover and services provided will take effect when you leave your home to commence a trip. Your Cornmarket Travel Plus travel insurance cover will terminate upon the expiry date of the travel insurance policy if you decide not to renew your cover. 

Who do I contact in the event of a query under my travel insurance?

Please contact the Customer Service Helpline on (01) 420 6724 and ask for Cornmarket Travel Insurance Customer Service. Lines are open 9 am – 7 pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) and 9 am – 1 pm on Saturdays. You can also email your travel insurance query to

Are there any exclusions or limitations to Cornmarket Travel Insurance?

Yes. Cornmarket Travel Insurance has a number of exclusions and limitations. There are General Exclusions which apply to the entire travel policy, and Specific Exclusions which apply to a particular section of cover. For a complete listing of exclusions and limitations, please refer to your Travel Insurance Policy Document.

Is there a limit to the amount of trips I can make under an Annual Multi Trip policy?

No, as long as each period of travel does not exceed the duration specified in the travel insurance you have purchased, you can travel as many times as you like. However, if you go on a trip that exceeds the specified trip duration, your cover ceases on the final day of the trip limit.

Am I covered for holidays I take within Ireland?

Yes, our travel insurance covers you for trips within Ireland provided you book more than one night accommodation away from your usual place of residence. There are restrictions to the cover provided for trips taken within the Republic of Ireland, please read your Travel Insurance Policy Document for more information.

I have a medical condition, am I covered?

It is important to note that you may not be covered for some pre-existing illnesses or medical conditions which you knew about at the time of taking out your travel insurance. Please refer to the general exclusions section of your Travel Insurance Policy document.

Who do I contact in the event of a medical emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency, you must call MAPFRE Travel Assistance on 00353 91 545908 within 48 hours. They must authorise payment of all inpatient hospital, clinic or nursing home expenses, emergency repatriation or curtailment expenses. Unauthorised claims may not be paid, so please contact MAPFRE as soon as possible.

Who do I contact in the event of a claim under my travel insurance policy?

Any occurrence or loss which may give rise to a travel insurance claim should be advised immediately to your underwriter 

If your policy is underwritten by MAPFRE contact: MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Agency Ireland, Assist House, 22-26 Prospect Hill, Galway. Telephone (00353 91 501612) Email:

If your policy is underwritten by AIG contact: AIG Claims Services, OSG Travel Claims, Merrion Hall, Strand Road, Dublin 4. Telephone:  (01) – 2611540 Email: