Rewards Club - Terms & Conditions

1.       Introduction

Rewards is a club for new members of certain unions, representative bodies and employers and is provided by Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. (“Rewards Membership”).  It has been designed to benefit new joiners / new employees of certain unions, representative bodies and employers (“Entities”) by providing access to exclusive offers, discounts, advice, competitions and more (“Benefits”).

We have created these Terms & Conditions ("Terms") to help you understand how Cornmarket governs Rewards and the use of Benefits.


2.       Who we are

Rewards is organised by Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. (Cornmarket). Our head office is located in Christchurch Square, Dublin 8. Cornmarket is a member of the Irish Life Group Ltd. which is part of the Great-West Lifeco Group of companies. When these Terms mention “Cornmarket”,  “we”, “us”, or “our”, it refers to Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd.


3.       How to become a member of Rewards

You can only join Rewards if you have been invited to do so, either via

a)       a relevant Entity’s application form

b)      a Cornmarket & relevant Entity’s Rewards form

You will need to ‘Tick’ the Rewards opt in box on either form  a) or b) to join Rewards and confirm you have accepted our Terms and our Data Protection Statement.  Once you have opted in, the relevant Entity will pass your personal data (name, date of birth, address, phone number, email) to us for the purposes of administering Benefits membership and communicating with you regarding Benefits. You must be accepted by the relevant Entity as a valid member to be eligible to use Benefits.  You can only join Rewards once, and may not re-join after your membership expires, is revoked by us or voluntarily ended by you.

Once Cornmarket has received your personal data and confirmed eligibility, we will issue you with a ‘Welcome to Rewards’ email (Welcome Email) to confirm your membership. The date you receive your Welcome Email on is the date that your Rewards membership begins.


4.       Rewards members

If you are a member of Rewards or a prospective member of Rewards, we will refer to you as “member”, “you”, “your” or “yours”.


5.       Rewards Benefits

The Benefits that will be made available to you as part of Rewards may be subject to availability and are regularly updated and changed. You will have a limited period of time to avail of Benefits provided to you and some of these can only be used on or before certain dates. We will not be responsible if your request for a particular Benefit is not completed correctly by you or is not received by us in the ways required. Relevant Terms and Conditions attaching to your individual benefits can be accessed:

·         Via weblink on signing up to Rewards on your relevant Entity’s application form or Cornmarket & relevant Entity’s Rewards form

·         Via your ‘Rewards Welcome Email’

·         Via or

·         In communications related to each existing Benefit and new Benefit’s


6.       Our Terms & Conditions

When you are invited to join Rewards, you will be asked to accept our Terms. Please read these Terms along with our Data Privacy Notice in full.

You can only join Rewards if:

·         you have been invited to do so

·         you are a resident in the Republic of Ireland,

·         you are aged 18 years or over,

·         you are legally permitted to enter into binding agreements

·         you have not been a member of any other Rewards/Advantages/Plus arrangement provided by Cornmarket.

Terms may be amended from time to time on this webpage. These Terms replace all previous versions and are correct as of 18/08/2022. We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time and at our discretion.

By ‘Ticking’ the Rewards opt-in box on a participating entity’s application form you are confirming that you have accepted the Terms. Each time you engage with Rewards or use Rewards Benefits, you are confirming that you agree to the current version of these Terms. If you no longer agree to these terms, you will need to opt out of Rewards by emailing


7.       Exceptions / Alterations

We may refuse membership of Rewards or use of certain Benefits and we reserve the right to alter or terminate Rewards terms or Benefits, for one or all members, with immediate effect. This may include instances where a misuse of Terms or Benefits has occurred or been attempted. Cornmarket’s decision is final in all matters related to use of Benefits and Rewards membership.


8.       Using Benefits

You must have received your Welcome Email from Cornmarket to begin using any of your Benefits. Once you have received this, you may begin to use your Benefits in accordance with the individual terms specified for each of your Benefits.

Benefits will include discounts and offers on selected insurance/financial products available through Cornmarket, which are subject to normal underwriting, eligibility & acceptance criteria as set out by relevant underwriters.

Benefits which expire unused are forfeited. Cornmarket shall not be held liable for the loss of any Benefit entitlements due to expiry or ending of Rewards membership. 


9.       Communications

The e-mail address and mobile phone number that you provide when you opt into Rewards must not belong to anyone other than you and cannot be allocated to another Rewards membership.

Communications that we send to you regarding Rewards benefits form part of the Terms governing Rewards Membership. Receiving Rewards service communications to your email and phone via the details you provide also form part of the Terms. If you no longer want to receive these communications, you can terminate your Rewards membership at any time. Please see section ‘12. Termination’ below for how you can Terminate your Rewards Membership.

Rewards Membership communications include, but are not limited to:

·         Membership welcome and introductions

·         Membership terms

·         Changes and updates to Rewards Membership

·         Benefits and how to redeem

·         Benefits expiry notifications

·         Rewards competition notifications

·         New Rewards notifications

·         Invitations to exclusive Rewards talks, webinars and events

·         Cancellation of Membership communications


10.   Your Rights

You have a number of rights over your personal information which you can find set out in our Privacy Notice <DPN>


11.   Websites we link to

Some of your Benefits may include use of third-party websites and Webapps. Cornmarket does not accept any responsibility or liability for:

·         The availability or accuracy of such third party websites or WebApps

·         The content, materials or services on or available on such third party apps or websites.

You are solely responsible for, and assume all risks arising from your use of third party WebApps and Websites.


12.   Termination

You can cancel your membership of Rewards at any time by emailing with your request.

If you cancel your membership to Rewards or your Rewards Membership is terminated for any reason you:

·         All rights granted to you under these terms cease

·         You will no longer be eligible to use your Rewards Benefits

·         Any unused Rewards Benefits will cease

·         Free period offers will cease

Cornmarket also reserves the right to terminate Rewards at any time. In the event of this occurring any unused Rewards benefits will become invalid. A communication will be sent to Rewards members to advise of any termination of Rewards.