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Bring MyDoc with you, wherever you go

MyDoc is an easy, online healthcare service. MyDoc provides 24/7 unlimited access to GP services via video and phone consultation. This means that you and your family can book free consultations, get prescriptions, sick certs or referrals, where ever you go!

Your 12 months access starts as soon as you receive your ‘Welcome Rewards Members' email from Cornmarket.

The MyDoc service can be used by members, their spouse/partner and any dependant family members living in their household.

3 easy steps to get set up on MyDoc

Using MyDoc is simple. You will need to quote your MyDoc pin which is emailed to you in 'Welcome to Rewards' email. You can book a free consultation by calling (01) 264 1480 or logging onto your MyDoc account.

  • Contact

    Call MyDoc on +353 (01) 264 1480 or visit the MyDoc WebApp

  • Details

    Provide your MyDoc pin and some details to create your MyDoc account

  • Book

    Book a video or phone consultation at a time that suits you best!

MyDoc provides 24/7 unlimited access to GP services via video and phone consultation. This means that you and your family can book free consultations, get prescriptions, sick certs or referrals, whenever and wherever you go!

Video consultations

You and your family can book a free video consultation with a doctor via the MyDoc WebApp or by calling (01) 264 1480. This service is available between 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week throughout the entire year, excluding Christmas Day.

If you need a consultation outside of these hours, MyDoc phone consultations are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Phone consultations

It's good to know that you and your family can book a phone consultation 24/7, 365 days a year. This is an unlimited service, so call as many times as you like, whenever you need to!

To book a phone consultation, visit MyDoc WebApp or call (01) 264 1480.

With you wherever you go

Because MyDoc consultations take place online and by phone, your appointment can happen anywhere, for example; in the comfort of your own home, conveniently at work or even abroad!

Prescriptions, open referral letters and sick certs

  1. Hassle-free Prescriptions: If you need a prescription following your consultation, the prescription will be sent directly to your chosen pharmacy via the secure clinical email system 'Healthmail'
  2. Open Referral Letters: You can get an open referral letter if your MyDoc GP believes you would benefit from seeing a consultant or specialist - The referral letter is for private medical care only - If you have private medical insurance you will need to contact your insurer before engaging a consultant or specialist, or accessing any diagnostic or treatment services, unless you are self-funding
  3. Sick Certs: are free of charge and you can request one during your phone or video consultation -You will need to check with your employer to confirm that they will accept one

Reasons to call MyDoc

There are lots of reasons you can contact MyDoc, and if the MyDoc GP needs to issue a prescription for you, it’s sent directly to a pharmacy that you choose!

Ear, nose, throat
Nervous system
Mental health
Medication queries
Heart problems
Eye and vision care
Second opinion
Women’s health
Urinary issues

Book a consultation now

You will need to quote your MyDoc pin which has been provided on your 'Welcome to Rewards' email.

MyDoc 12 months booklet

For more information about whats covered with MyDoc, download a copy of the booklet today!

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MyDoc is provided by HealthHero

About Health Hero

MyDoc is provided by HealthHero, which was founded to provide a full spectrum of primary care services delivered through a suite of digital tools. HealthHero is built upon the powerful combination of digital knowhow and telehealth expertise with over 20 years’ experience in connecting members with doctors remotely.

About our GPs

All of HealthHeros' GPs are experienced, practicing GPs and registered with the Irish Medical Council.

Customer Service

The HealthHero Customer Service team is available 24/7 to book your consultation and answer any queries you have on the process. If you need support from a customer service representative, please call +353 (01) 2641480

MyDoc is provided by HealthHero, and distributed by Cornmarket. This webpage is intended as guide only. Full Terms and Conditions regarding the MyDoc service, provided by HealthHero can be found here. Where we say ‘we’ or ‘our’ or ‘us’ we mean HealthHero. All accreditations registered to HealthHero Solutions Ltd, 10 Upper Berkeley Street, London W1H 7PE, UK. Company number 03766413