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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible company, we are proud to continue to support worthy causes on a local, national and global basis. In addition to our sponsorship of key initiatives each year, our staff are heavily involved in volunteering their time and expertise on a pro-bono basis.

  • Our Pink & Blue Power Customer Cancer initiative has potentially saved lives through early intervention.
  • Business in the Community’s “Management Excellence Programme for Principals” takes place throughout the year with Cornmarket personnel volunteering their expertise in the areas of leadership, brand awareness and time & performance management. 
  • The Cornmarket Cumann na mBunscol Awards for primary school teachers takes place each year. These awards recognise the teachers who diligently promote Gaelic games in their schools.  
  • Mock interviews & staff presentations take place in Cornmarket help encourage students in St. David’s CBS & St. Paul’s CBS and nurture their career interests.  
  • The Global Schoolroom trip to India takes place every July. 
  • The Gaisce Awards for young people takes place in September each year.  


Making a positive impact on the lives of others

  • 17 customers have been diagnosed with cancer to date through Pink and Blue Power. Thankfully their outlook is positive due to early intervention and rapid care.
  • 31,000 customers will have been invited for an assessment by the end of 2018.
  • 63% of the students from St. Paul’s CBS who participated in the School’s Business Partnership said Cornmarket increased their self-confidence.
  • 90% of principals who attend the Cornmarket sponsored Management Excellence Programme adopt the leadership & performance management techniques discussed.
  • 250,000 Indian children have benefited from a better quality education thanks to Global Schoolroom.
  • The exam pass rate increased from 20% to 85% in one school alone in India.


We take great pride in providing excellence in service, always putting our customers first while maintaining our position as a socially responsible company. We are proud to see the results of our commitment have been recognised through the following Awards: 

  • Corporate LiveWire 2017 Global Awards “Best Financial Advisory Service” and“Financial Services Brokerage of the Year” 
  • Money Mate Investor Awards 2016 “Best insurance broker” and overall “Grand Prix” Award Winner selected above 24 other industry leaders for showcasing “Best Marketing, Customer Service and Innovation” in Financial Services.
  • Public Sector Magazine: "Best Insurance Broker serving the Public Sector" for the past 5 years
  • 2016 An Post Smart Marketing Awards finalist for the INMO Rewards Programme
  • Best Innovation in Financial Services for the Health Insurance Comparison Service (finalist, Money Mate Awards 2016) 
  • Pink & Blue Power Cancer Initiatives: Money Mate Awards finalist (2016), Winner of the Better Together Business Award, Chambers Ireland CSR Award finalist, Biomnis Healthcare Innovation Award finalist. 
  • Chambers Ireland CSR Award: for Global Schoolroom.
  • Irish Sponsorship Awards: finalist for sponsorship of Cumann na mBunscol gaelic games in primary schools.

Pink and Blue Power

When we noticed a high level of cancer claims amongst our customers, we wanted to do something to help. In 2012, we took action and built Pink & Blue Power, a unique and potentially life-saving assessment service. We are proud to now offer this top class service to thousands of our customers, as part of their Salary/Income Protection/Continuance policy. The results have been astounding. 

  • 17 Cornmarket customers have been diagnosed with Cancer to date. Their outlook is positive, thanks to early intervention through this service
  • 31,000 customers will have been invited for an assessment by the end of 2018
  • 4,648 Assessments have taken place to date with 1, 026 scans and 98 Biopsies completed*

*Source: Cornmarket, November 2017.

Customer Learning

Excellence Programme for Principals  

Cornmarket are the main sponsors of the Business in the Community's Management Excellence for Principals Programme. This programme allows business leaders to share their expertise and strategy with educational leaders through a series of workshops over the course of the school year in the areas of time management, leadership and performance management.

To date, 502 secondary school principals and 62 secondary school deputy principals have participated in the programme.

Cornmarket’s senior management team also volunteer their time and expertise on a pro-bono basis. As part of the programme Roddy Murphy, Managing Director presents on Leadership skills, Ian Masterson, Marketing Manager presents on PR & Branding and Rachel Hyland from Cornmarket presents on time & performance management.

For more information, please visit www.bitc.ie   


School Programme

Schools’ Business Partnership (SBP)  

Cornmarket has worked closely with Business in the Community's Schools’ Business Partnership (SBP) since 2006. We have been heavily involved in the Skills@Work Programme where we are partnered with St. David's CBS School, Artane, Dublin 5 and St. Paul's CBS School, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.

As part of the programme, we provide voluntary academic support to St. David's and St. Paul's pupils by providing them with valuable on-site work experience within the company and guiding them towards  preparing for their transition into the workplace through in-school  presentations and CV building advice.

Mock interviews & staff presentations take place in Cornmarket to help encourage students in St. David’s CBS & St. Paul’s CBS and nurture their career interests.

Feedback from St. Paul’s CBS students on the impact of Cornmarket’s involvement:

  • 63% said we increased their self-confidence.
  • 50% said we improved their communication skills.
  • 38% said we inspired them to do well in school.
  • 25% said it helped them make decisions about their future careers.

One student from St. Paul’s CBS commented “Its very useful to understand the importance of education and how doing your leaving cert and getting a job is important to achieve a good life and career when you finish school”.

We plan to strengthen our links even further with Business in the Community in the coming year by getting more staff members involved in the Mentoring and Learn to Read Programmes.

For more information, please visit www.bitc.ie 



Cumann na mBunscol Gaelic Games  

Cumann na mBunscol is the voluntary organisation of primary school teachers in Ireland who promote camogie, hurling, football, rounders, handball and athletics amongst their schools.

Cornmarket has been the main sponsor of the Cumann na mBunscol National Awards since 2009. These awards recognise the teachers who diligently promote Gaelic games in their schools. The Awards take place every year.

Ivan Ahern, Director of Cornmarket commented “Cumann na mBunscol do immense work on the ground promoting Gaelic Games in primary schools. We recognise the influence of Irish sport in the lives of children. And coming from a GAA background myself, I feel strongly about the importance of promoting Gaelic games - not only to keep Irish tradition alive amongst children, but also for the health and social benefits it promotes. Cornmarket got involved in the awards to help honour the dedicated teachers and Cumann na mBunscol representatives for the tireless hard work they do throughout the year. These awards recognise the individuals who nurture young Irish children and instil the true heart of Gaelic games.”

Cumann na mBunscol remarked on the collaboration “Cumann na mBunscol are delighted with the continuing sponsorship of Cornmarket. Our aim is the promotion of Gaelic Games in our Primary Schools and the Cornmarket Awards recognise best practice in such promotion amongst the teaching profession ar fud na tire. Cornmarket fits the brand."

For more information on the Cumann na mBunscol Awards and how to nominate your school, please contact secretary.cnmb@gaa.ie  


Teaching programme

Global Schoolroom makes a difference 

Global Schoolroom is an initiative designed to help Irish teachers share their educational experience with their counterparts in the developing world. Cornmarket has supported Global Schoolroom since its inception in 2006. The programme is run in partnership with University College Dublin (UCD) and supported by the INTO, ASTI and TUI. The programme offers an accredited Diploma in Teacher Education by UCD to teachers in the Developing World.

Along with being the main sponsors of the programme, each year Cornmarket also sends staff members to India to help deliver the programme. Thanks to the support of Cornmarket, Global Schoolroom has achieved successful developments in improving the educational standards in India.

The Global Schoolroom trip to India takes place every July when 30 teachers travel to deliver the programme.

Some key facts

  • 67,000 Indian children are now benefiting each year from a better quality education with close to 250,000 Indian children already having benefited
  • 292 schools are now benefiting from better teaching standards
  • 1,129 Indian teachers have participated
  • 92 Irish teachers have travelled to India to date as volunteers
  • 36 volunteers are being recruited for next summer’s programme
  • 13 Cornmarket & Irish Life staff have travelled to India.

Improvements in Namdong, India

  • For the first time ever, some pupils are achieving state exam distinctions in Namdong. 
  • As a result of the programme, some graduated pupils are now training as teachers, nurses & doctors.
  • Absenteeism & punctuality are no longer a problem amongst teachers and pupils. 
  • The exam pass rate increased from 20% to 85% in Namdong.
  • More classrooms have been built to meet class 12 demand (leaving cert).

For more information please visit www.globalschoolroom.net



Youth work

Gaisce - the President’s Award is Ireland’s National Challenge Award

Cornmarket has been an advisory member of the President's Award since 2003. It is the country’s most prestigious and respected individual award programme, and a challenge from the President of Ireland to young people between 15 and 25 years of age. Gaisce works on the basis of a personal challenge set by the individual.

For more details log onto www.gaisce.ie