Cornmarket is excited to announce Brent Pope as the company’s brand and wellness ambassador to bring awareness and support to their mental health and wellbeing initiatives.  

Cornmarket has been looking after the financial wellbeing of public sector workers and their families for almost 50 years. Financial wellbeing has a big influence on people’s mental health and Cornmarket is keen to support their public sector workers at every life stage. The company has a number of wellbeing and mental health initiatives available to customers. Through this new partnership with Brent Pope, Cornmarket hopes to generate awareness of the importance of looking after mental health, particularly at times of change.  

 Psychotherapist and counsellor, Brent Pope, has used his platform to openly discuss the importance of taking care of your mental health and pioneering a lifestyle of wellness. His passion and experience in raising awareness for mental health will allow Cornmarket to further highlight their support programmes while driving education and conversation around overall wellbeing.

Retirement is an important milestone in a person’s life and represents a time of considerable change, both financially as well as emotionally. Cornmarket has a long history of helping public servants prepare financially for retirement. As the emotional implications of retirement have become more prevalent, Cornmarket have expanded their mental health and wellbeing initiatives to ensure the same amount of emotional support is provided to public servants. Brent will bring much-needed support to Cornmarket’s customers in time of change, such as retirement.

Commenting on the partnership, Lisa Kelly from Cornmarket said: “The emotional changes that we all go through at different stages of our lives, from family moments and career changes to retirement are significant. To support the overall wellbeing of our customers during these times, we have developed our wellbeing and mental health initiatives. Given the wealth of experience Brent has in his own career, and his work raising the profile of mental wellbeing, we are delighted to have him on board as our ambassador. We’re excited to work with Brent and we look forward to running webinars and events for our customers.”

Speaking of his involvement with Cornmarket, Brent Pope said, “I am thrilled to be partnering with Cornmarket. Taking care of your mental health is such an important task, and over the last year, we’ve really seen how detrimental it can be when mental health is neglected. Having worked with Cornmarket previously on a 5-week wellness programme for members of the trade union, Fórsa, as well as for their Return to Work webinars for teachers unions’ the INTO and TUI, I’m excited to be partnering with them on a larger mental health initiative. I’m really looking forward to seeing how we tackle the task.”

With an increasing need for mental health support, Cornmarket will produce webinars, videos and audio content with Brent Pope to further drive awareness for customers. Together with Cornmarket, Brent Pope will use his knowledge and personal experience to demonstrate how customers can take care of their mental health and wellness in an effective and accessible way, especially in times of change.