In recent years, the health insurers have sought to enhance their product offering by making it more relevant to customers. Here are three great digital benefits which add extra value to your health insurance cover:

Online GP Cover:

Online GP Cover enables you to have face to face consultations via an app with a registered GP, from the comfort of your own home. All of the health insurers offer this service; either at a small fee or for free on your health policy (please check your schedule of benefits for full details). Some versions of this service will also issue you with a prescription (and in some instances, forward it to your closest pharmacy) if medically necessary.

If you live life on the go, this service is fantastic. Medically verified information is seconds away and any questions can be answered immediately by a qualified healthcare professional. Many of us now self-diagnose on the internet which often causes added stress and fear of misdiagnosis. This handy app gives members and their family’s peace of mind.

Nurse on Call:

Similar to Online GP Cover, all of the health insurers provide free access to a 24 hour nurse-line which is available 365 days a year. This service allows customers to access non-emergency medical advice from a nurse. If you have a medical question worrying you, or a member of your family; a nurse will be able to help you get the advice you need.

Scan & Claim Facility:

How many times do we put receipts in ‘a drawer’ to send out to our health insurer at the end of the year, only to discover them 18 months later, when the window to claim back has already closed? As you may know, the health insurers are not obliged to pay out on any medical receipt claims which have been received 13 weeks after a client’s renewal date.

However, now the ‘Scan & Claim’ facility offered by the health insurers allows members to scan or photograph their GP (or physio, dentist, consultant, etc.) receipt and upload it to their secure member log-in on their insurer’s website. This facility has transformed the way claims are processed, making it much easier for the customers to make a claim and get their money back. These digital benefits provide convenience to customers with a fast paced lifestyle.

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